Tuesday, September 25, 2018

End of the first round -

With a bit of space in the middle -

Time for a skinny scrap -

Just need 3" worth -

So that was an easy fill - ;))

Round two - needed a splice in the middle -

So I tried a double-layer curvy swipe -

But didn't like how it didn't really match that well -

So I went back to plain old straight cuts -

And found another basket full of batting scraps to cut down - ;))

It sure helps to use the same kind of batting all of the time -

All of the scraps "match" - LOL - ;))

Then I had to chase a certain Squirrel who was getting tired of being IGNORED -

And I HAVE BEEN ignoring it for about a year now -

Since it came to visit me from Katie's house - it's HER Squirrel -

And it's really cute -

So - I finally pulled out some dark blue scraps -

And cut eight little squares - using my die -

And pulled out some crumbs -

Then made a "test" Tiny Wonky Star -

Using the tutorial on Missouri Star Quilt Company's site - HERE -

And downsizing it a bit from Jenny's version -

It still needs a middle - but I'll mess with that later -

It's going to be really little - 3" finished -

And if I thought it would help to get rid of some of my crumbs -

Silly me -

It makes two smaller versions - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie said...

Well, I could have told you there'd just be smaller bits! (I toss the triangle trimming bits from this project - too small for me at that point.) The star is looking good, though. Only 399 more, right!?

Gene Black said...

You can make a galaxy of stars. If you use multiples of 3 (6,9,12) for more blocks you can make them all fit together. Some of the squares can just be the background fabrics.
uh....Squirrel! (your welcome lol)


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