Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Making the back -

Is my least favorite part of quilting -

I'm a very S-L-O-W quilter and by the time I finish the quilt top -

I'm usually bored with the project -

And don't want to mess with making the back -

So I try to pretend that it's another top -

And that usually helps me get it together - ;))

This time I'm trying to finish up one my oldest UFOs -

And this is my last chance to play with it -

So I'm kind of sorry to see it finally getting done -

If that makes any sense -

Anyway - I got myself in gear and sorted some of the left-over fabric -

And put the largest pieces up on one of the design walls in the hallway -

It's been so long that I don't remember if that last one on the end goes horizontally or vertically - but I'll worry about that later -

In addition to those larger pieces -

I have some light gray and two different shades of dark gray -

And bits and pieces of the gray/black combo border fabric -
Which I put up on the design wall following the design/pattern in the fabric -

So it looks like I'll be measuring what I have and playing with some graph paper layouts in the next couple of days - ;))

And before I send it off to be quilted - I thought I would take some photos of the back of some of my applique blocks - to remind myself of how teeny I was able to get my stitches years ago - I used a dime for size and scale -

But then realized that an actual "ruler" would make more sense -

If you count the stitches between the #2 and #3 -

I was able (a loooong time ago) to get 11 stitches to an inch -

Now it's more like how many inches to a stitch - LOL - ;))

This may take me a while -

But if it's like any another top -

I enjoy the process -

So it will take as long as it takes - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Julie Fukuda said...

I've got a backing on hold for the big black and white quilt. Just too hot to lug it all to a big enough space.

Frog Quilter said...

I used to feel that way about backs. Now I just whip them out. Having fabric on bolts helps lol.

Gene Black said...

I have become slower than slow. I really need to get moving on the coins quilt - i just need to find some inspiration. LOL.

Katie said...

You're far more diligent about using up scraps for backs. If I don't have a reasonable chunk, I do something else and put the leftovers in the stash! But I'm no fan of piecing backs either. Yet I do it, of course. I know there's super wide fabrics out there to ease my troubles, but usually they're just boring and I want something fun and funky because the quilt has two sides, so why not enjoy both of them!

Jeanna said...

Those stitches are amazing. This is going to be such a pretty finish!


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