Thursday, July 18, 2019

Summer Breeze Bargello -

Last seam ready to be sewn -

Then ready to be pressed -

Which seemed to take f.o.r.e.v.e.r. -

Every single one of those seams had to be pressed in the "correct" direction to make it lie flat -

And there are a LOT of them - so it took me a while -

Now the top is DONE!! -

Ta Dah!! - ;))

And - if you're wondering - the skinniest strips are cut at 1" - and finish at 1/2" -

That's pretty darn skinny - but they make a really nice swerve in the pattern -

After I finish writing this up - and scheduling it to post in the morning -

I'm going to have my new FAVORITE dessert - courtesy of Ravelly Rhonda -
who posted about one of her favorite late night snacks - HERE -

Vanilla ice cream sprinkled with crushed Fritos on top -
EDIT UPDATE - added "crushed" above - ;))

Sweet/salty sounded good to me - so I had to try it -

I added some caramel sauce just for fun -
Like one of her commenters recommended -

And let me tell you -


For those of you who are thinking - YUK!! -

All I can say is -

Don't knock it - if you haven't tried it - LOL - ;))

Just TASTE it -

Then - if you don't like it -

That's fine -

It leaves more for me - and Rhonda - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Sherry said...

Your quilt top is bright and cheerful.

Hmmm, I might try crushing the Fritos before putting them on the ice cream so that the salt could be more evenly distributed.

Will have to try it.

Gene Black said...

The bargello is a knockout! I love the dimension that skinny strip added to the swerve. My first thought was that the top wasn't laying flat. Then I looked at the edges and saw that it really was.

diane said...

You hit it out of the ballpark twice today. Bargello is absolutely wonderful. Great pattern with small pieces make a great finish. Then comes the ice cream and corn chips. I have to join you and Rhonda with that one.
Enjoy your day!

Katie said...

The quilt is beautiful! But I'm with Gene - it doesn't LOOK like it's laying flat. (So maybe all that work to press seams wasn't worth it? No. It was. Whoever quilts it will appreciate the effort!) But I do like the illusion that it's not flat. And I am STILL not going to put fritos on my ice cream.

Rebecca said...

Masking/ painters tape is my friend when I make a bargello! Even numbers go right Odd nubers get pressed left and I can always find the

Love your colors and as for matching seems I have been known to off set just about anything I can get away with

Katie Z. said...

That bargello is stunning!

Cindy Quilts said...

It's beautiful! I love it!
People put chopped peanuts and other nuts on ice cream, so the salty/sweet thing seems to work for some people. I love to try new foods and the addition of the caramel sounds yummy.

Julie Fukuda said...

Congratulations on that lovely piece of eye-candy. That is something I will never see in my home but it was sure fun to watch the process.


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