Sunday, September 8, 2019

4-patches -

As seedlings - LOL - ;))

They all got pressed open -

Some had to be cut by hand because they were almost not big enough -

And others were cut in half -

And layered - print to light and light to print -

Longer ones also got cut in half and layered -

And then they all got laid out on the die -

And run through - again - to sub-cut them into pairs ready to sew -

These got tweaked - so they will join my "crumbs" -

And then I had little piles of matching sets - ready to sew -

Sewed them together -

Pressed a couple of them open and "spiraled" the seam -
A trick I learned from a Billie Lauder book - years ago -

I thought of opening and pressing all of these -

But - since I need an assortment of "onesies" -
And some matching sets of 4 -
I would have had to pin the sets together for later -

So I decided to just leave them strung together -
To save using up my pins -

And fan-folded them on top of each other -

Making nice little piles for my baggie -
That way they are all together in sets -
Until I'm ready to sew them to the next patch in the block -
Then I can snip them apart and press them -

After I bagged them all up -

I pulled out the strips that I had set aside for my OTHER scrap quilt -

This one needs a variety of HST -
In a different size -
And NO matching sets -

Measured the die -
I needed some background white-on-white strips about 3" wide -

So I got out a piece - cut a strip - and sub-cut that into three sections -
Then layered one print right side up - a white strip right side down -
Another print right side up - a second white strip right side down -
A third print right side up - and the third white strip right side down -

And ran it through the die cutter -

Peeled off the "ends" - and had eight piles of HST in sets of three - ready to sew -

Eleanor Burns calls this "smart stacking" -

BOB calls it "common sense" - LOL - ;))

Each one measures 2" and will be joined to a 2" square - later -

This is so additive -

Cut a little -

Sew a little -

Rinse and repeat - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Sherry said...

Good job. I am glad one of us is getting something done. LOL

Gene Black said...

Eleanor calls it "Smart Stacking" you call it common sense, I call it cutting to sew. But as long as it gets the job done, then it is good. Right?
Looks like you got some good sewing done.

Barbara said...

So much work, and zI know you are doing things the most effective way possible. It’s always worth it!

Cindy Quilts said...

You've been busy! Looking forward to seeing the finished projects.

Linda Swanekamp said...

You are making me itch to do some cutting- but I have to finish some quilts first!

Jeanna said...

Looks this was a very productive day. I spy some pretty blocks that will make a great quilt.

Barb said...

I enjoyed watching you work...and a little, cut a little....


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