Wednesday, April 8, 2020

A little prep work -

While I wait for supplies - ;))

But let me start at the beginning -

Friday - 4/3/20 -

Some neighbors came over and stood on my front porch -
And talked to me through the open window -
While I stood inside - on the other side of the room -
"Social distancing" at its best - ;))
They asked me if I was making masks -
If I was - they wanted to buy some from me -
I said - first off - if I was making masks - I wouldn't charge my friends -
But I'm sorry - I'm not making any -
The patterns I've seen all call for elastic and pleats -
And my hands don't work that well anymore -
I can't do the fiddly stuff -
They were disappointed - but they understood -
And I felt so bad when I had to tell them "no" -

Saturday - 4/4/20 -

My friend, Sue at Pieceful Stitching -
told me that she was making some masks -
and I asked her what pattern she was using -
she emailed me a link to a YouTube video - HERE -

I watched the video and LIKED it!! -

No elastic -
No pleats -
No fiddly parts -
Straight sewing -

But I needed some supplies -

So I followed the links in the video -
And ordered some synthetic clothesline and garden ties from Amazon -
They will be delivered sometime next week -

I emailed her back - several times throughout the day -
I found some clothesline on Amazon - and some wire (her link) - and ordered some - should get it by the 13-14th.

Her video says to wash/dry/press - which I CAN do - between now and then - so I could work up some "parts" while I wait for the cording and wire. I have a bunch of 1/4 yard cuts that I can use - if I pre-wash them - the 9" may shrink a little - but I should still be able to get 8" out of them - and WOF should give me at least 4 @ 10" - so that might work out pretty well.

I had a couple of neighbors ask me if I was making masks - I told them "No" - I couldn't deal with pleats and fiddly elastic. They were disappointed - but THIS I can do!!!!!!!!! Besides - it looks MUCH better in that it covers below the chin all the way up - AND works with someone who wears glasses!!!!!!
I REALLY like the looks of this pattern - and I looked at a LOT of them!!!

None of them seemed "right" to me for some reason - I just couldn't put my finger on it -
I guess it WAS the coverage - it didn't seem adequate - even WITH the pleats.

The elastic looked "fiddly" and flimsy. I made a cover for my Kindle - used elastic - and it stretched out so much that it's basically useless to me. Got the feeling it would do the same thing on a mask.

The ones with ties on the top and bottom - some had it going along the top and bottom of the masks - some had it going along the sides - all of them had 4 ties - seemed like a hassle to have to tie them on both the top and bottom.

This one has TERRIFIC coverage - NO elastic - ONE tie with a loop - allows for a filter to be inserted if you want - and is SIMPLE to make!!!

THANKS for the link!! THIS is the pattern I was looking for!!! - ;))
I haven't posted anything about this "new normal" - but I know some have posted about making masks. I may post something now that I am going to make some. I told my neighbors that it wasn't something that I could do - and that I should feel guilty - but don't for some reason. NOW that I found a pattern - thanks to YOU - I would feel guilty if I didn't make any - ;))
I may post some "prep" stuff - but I won't have the cording or wire until the week after next - so I can't finish them yet. If/when I do - I will be sure to give you credit for finding the pattern and then link to the video - ;))

Sunday - 4/5/20 -

I pulled fabric and cut muslin from a bolt in my stash - to pre-wash on Monday -
And scheduled my post "Options" to go "live" on Monday morning -

Monday - 4/6/20 -

I sewed the first set of 4 blocks for the TT-Confetti quilt -
Pre-washed the fabric and muslin -
And scheduled my post "The first set" for Tuesday morning -

And emailed another friend -
One of my friends emailed me a link to a mask that I can make. I've held off making any since I can't do the elastic and pleats - my hands don't work well enough for that "fine motor control" - and I felt bad when my neighbors across the street - the ones who have taken out my trash barrels EVERY week since my husband died 5-1/2 years ago - asked me if I was making masks and I had to say "no". Anyway - here's the link - I ordered some clothesline and garden ties from Amazon and am pre-washing some fabric now. I'll see how much I can get done while I wait for Amazon to deliver - ;))

Tuesday - 4/7/20 -
Today - although this will get posted Wednesday morning -

So - after all of this was pre-washed Monday -

I cut the muslin into 11" strips -

After they were pressed -
I trimmed the strips down to 10" and sub-cut them into 8" segments -

And prepared five sets of "inner" lining/pocket sections -

And have another five marked and ready to sew tomorrow - ;))

By the way -

The pattern that I'm using is from this video -

And once again BOB had to laugh -

I saw on Tuesday that another blogger has posted a link to the same video -

I guess some of us were ahead of the curve -

And some others are just now catching up -

Or it could be that great minds think alike - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

I am so glad you came up with a pattern that you can make for your neighbors. I have made several types but I think I will make one of these for myself. I don't have that "rope" but perhaps something I do have will work in its place.

Barbara said...

I used a pattern online, then my daughter “winged it” with no pattern. She used 2 layers of leftover Batik fabrics because of their tight weave, then added a felt lining for extra protection. I think flannel would be more comfortable, but whatever. If once can still breathe, the more protection the better. She then hand-sewed with big stitches to hold it all together. which I’m sure will hold, including the ties which were just long strips of more batik fabric. The ear ties can be anything that will work. There must be hundreds of ways to make these! Good for you, Elizabeth, for doing what you can!

Barbara said...

Ooops, I know you are not Elizabeth! Sorry, need more coffee.

Katie said...

I, too, looked at a number of patterns and tried one before finding one I like. That I can manage. And I figure about the time we all get good at this, we won't need them any more. I, like you, wasn't at first going to make any, but as things change each day, it seemed more and more like I should. So I did. But I'm not going to mass produce them. Because I don't want to burn out on them. And because if my mask doesn't protect you well enough and you get sick, I don't want that on my shoulders. I know no mask is a guarantee, but still...I have enough other things to worry about! Good luck with the sewing. I'm sure you'll share how it goes!

Sue said...

Glad I could help. I'm like you, not charging people. The washing line I ordered is sitting at Greensboro, so I'll be MacGyvering something for the ties. The mailman makes BOB and BEB look like angels, but I'll be putting one in the mailbox today, as it5not about making them for who I'm friends with, but spreading kindness. Plus, some for DH to take to the hospital where he works.


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