Monday, April 6, 2020

Options -

Are always nice - ;))

These three sets of "oopsies" were easy enough to fix -

I "spliced" some pieces together -

And was able to cut them down to 2-1/2" squares -

But these guys were my problem -

I need four and only have enough pieces to "splice" two -

Unless I used some of the bottom pieces -

But they were too "different" -

So - I looked for other options -

Option #1 -

Replace ALL of the ORANGE ones in the set -

Re-cut what I need from one of these Fat Quarters -

Option #2 -

Replace ALL of the ORANGE ones in the set -

Re-cut what I need from one set of these strips -
Two in each pile - just like the original set of strips -

What I "need" are all of the "light" pieces in this diagram - ORANGE -

The "darks" in the diagram are the "striped" pieces -

So the top block would look like this if I used the ones that I already have cut -

And ALL of the ORANGE would be the same print -
So it would look "normal" - LOL -

The second block could use the left-overs -
I need eight -
And I'm four short -

Option #3 -

I could cut all eight for this block from one of the strips -

Or -

Option #4 -

I could use the four that I have already cut -

And cut the other four from that lighter ORANGE top strip -

They wouldn't ALL be the SAME ORANGE -

But they would be close enough -

I wouldn't have to "splice" anything -

And I would only have to cut four more squares -

I decided to go with Option #4 -

It's the least amount of work - cut four squares from one strip -

That block will be the "one of these is NOT like the others" -

Which seems to happen a lot in my quilts lately -

Maybe it's becoming my "signature" - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

That choice is very close. I would be surprised if it is ever noticed by the average person looking at the quilt. A quilter or an OCD person (is that the same thing?) would possibly see it.

Cindy Quilts said...

I agree with Gene.
You have some lovely orange fabrics!

Barbara said...

I knew you would have figured it out as I read to the bottom of your post. I agree with the others, it’s not noticeble.

Barb said...

One thing for sure, you learned to adapt....

Going to be one fun fun quilt.


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