Tuesday, July 20, 2021

A little progress -

But not much - ;))
After I did my Monday "chores" - 
I stitched a couple of sections - 
I had two rows of small squares - 
The patches in the bottom row are more rectangular -
But it's improv - so they are "close" to being square - LOL - 
Anyway - I tried an "orange peel" motif in the top row - 
And it looks awful up close - 
So I'm hoping no one wants to see it up close -
Except you guys - LOL -

The bottom row has some swirls -
And I learned from the "orange peel" row - 
To stay away from the areas with the seam allowances - 
They are pretty bulky compared to the rest of the patch -  

And my stitching gets messed up -

I tried some larger swirls in the rectangle - 
And the "print" hides my wobbles pretty well - 

Then I got to a wonky 4-patch - 
And just did lines back and forth - 
Changing direction in the lighter patches - 

When I ran out of bobbin thread in the yellow area of the bottom light patch - 
I stopped to load another bobbin - 
And fix dinner -
And play some games on my tablet - LOL -
Tomorrow is another day - 
And after my "chores" - 
I can play with my FMQ some more - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Barbara said...

I’m in awe of this kind of FMQ! I almost get a bit dizzy picturing all the twisting and turning it must take to achieve this kind of quilting. Enlarging your photos show what looks like a stellar job to me. I know seam allowances bother you, but when I’m up against them, I just plow through! I guess I wouldn’t do that if it was FMQ, but I will never try FMQ myself. Keep going!

Gene Black said...

I always laugh when I remember a quilt I sold years ago with my very early FMQ. It was worse than this and the husband sneaked back and bought it because the wife really liked it.
Non-quilters don't see things the way we do. That is the lesson I have learned.
As for the seams, if your FMQ foot is adjustable - raise it a little and those seams will be easier to sew over. (test on a sample piece.)

Linda Swanekamp said...

Only the quilt show police would give you a ticket. Having something quilted is a feat unto itself. Looks super, keep going and have fun.

Sue said...

Wobbles are design elements and only the quilt police would see anything different.


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