Saturday, July 17, 2021

Bee Happy -

My friend, Sue, at Pieceful Stitching
Posted a tiny post - HERE -
So she could share her tiny bees - 
And I left a comment - 
Tiny bees - so cute! Bee Happy - LOL - ;))
Then told her in an email - 
That I thought I had a panel in my stash that said "Bee Happy" - 

And that - if/when I found it - I would post a photo of it - 

So here it is - LOL - 

It's a panel - 36" x 44" - 

And needs a good pressing - 

I bought it to use as a practice piece for my Free-Motion Quilting - 

And it reminded me of another yellow UFO in the back closet - 
So I laid it out on the floor to take this photo - 
Then realized that a note was pinned to the "top" - 
With "Rules" - 34-1/2" x 33-1/2" - 

So this is how it was supposed to go - LOL - 
Anyway - 
I've been trying to decide what to do next - 
While I wait for my daughter to do the layout for the Mulberry 16-patch - 
But I have too many choices - 
And BOB thinks that I should concentrate - 
On getting some of these suckers QUILTED - 
So I set aside the cookie sheet with the bits and pieces - 
For my Woof and Whiskers Scrap Card and Heart -
And decided that I could make Hearts if I feel like piecing something - 

Because I agree with BOB - 
I REALLY do need to get some of these suckers quilted - 
That "Rules" quilt above is already "ditch-quilted" - 
And just needs me to finish the Free-Motion quilting on it - 
It is so old - 
That I don't have photos of it's "beginnings" - 
I lost a lot of my photos in 2016 when Blogger changed from Picasa to G-photos - 
But I did find it on my list of UFOs - HERE - for 2011 -
At that time it was in Stage 5 - 
Stage 5.  Need Back - Sleeve - Binding - Label and all of the above
  • Rules
  • Placemats/Throw
And on November 1, 2018 - HERE - it still needed backing - 

So somewhere along the line - 

I made the backing and did the "ditch quilting" - 
And I think that it's about time - 
It actually got QUILTED - LOL - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 



Barbara said...

Holy moly, lots going on there. I know you and BOB will figure it all out! This is my first blog browse of the day, and it woke me up. The “Bee Happy” fabric is cute (almost as bright as orange ;). I like the scrappiness of your UFO! Keep going, one thing at a time. Let BOB guide you!

Gene Black said...

Yes, get it quilted. I think that will be a good one to work is half done already. Just put it under the needle and START. LOL.

My "excuse" is that I need to baste the tops.

Katie said...

I'm impressed that you found the panel! I have no idea what your stash looks like, but I know when I go looking for something, my stash eats it! I'm work BOB about getting stuff quilted, but apparently that is in theory only, as I continue to find excuses to not quilt things. (Currently my excuse is a head cold, which is making me all foggy-heased...that is better than the extra sore throat from yesterday!) Also, I wanted to let BOB know about COW (Cranky Old Woman), a quilter who sometimes has BOB-like rants and blogs at "Blogging, Near Philadelphia"...

Sue said...

Love the panel. I agree with Gene on getting the UFO quilted.


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