Thursday, November 1, 2018

Time out -

Deep Red Crumb Squares - Set #10 -

And Set #11 -
Only 3 more sets to go - ;))

Then I took time out to check the "Mountain to be Quilted" - ;))

Included in this pile are SEVEN tops that are in various stages of completion -

Need Backing Made - Layer - Baste

  • Autumn Squirrel - has the Ugly Sweater backing - and needs batting and basting
  • Easy Street Detour Around The World - has the batting - needs basting
  • Basic Math
  • RED Squirrel
  • Crumb Squares - Blue Floral - has the backing made
  • Crumb Squares - Black
  • Crumb Squares - Cheddar

That's not counting the ones in the closet in the other room -

  • Batik - 16-Patch (Wanda S. Hanson - Exuberant Color)
  • Red/White/Blue - Cheater Cloth - Practice
  • Noah's Ark Animal Panel - Cheater Cloth - Practice
  • Top/White - Wholecloth Mini - Marked Only
  • No Rules
  • Placemats/Throw
  • Orca Bay RED - Bonnie Hunter's Mystery Quilt - November 2011
  • Scrappy Tripping - may add more blocks before completing
  • LHQSQ - LHQ Sampler Quilt - have backing fabric

Or the ones that are basted and need quilting -

Need Quilting - Binding - Sleeve - Label

  • Christmas Blocks - Table Topper - 6 x 6
  • O Happy Christmas
  • Five Star Plus 5
  • FMQA - Practice Quilt - Purple/Green
  • FMQ - Essentials - Practice Quilt - Primary Colors
  • Ladies
  • B/W/R - Big & Bold
  • Sampler Quilt - Hand-Pieced - Partially Hand Quilted
  • Pre-Stenciled Wholecloth

Guess I better find time to play with these SOON -

Before I run out of year -

And/or add Deep Red Crumb Squares to the pile - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Barb said...

For some reason your post stressed me out because I looked around my room and saw all the quilts that need to be quilted or at least made into a flimsy.... Love all of your quilts, what an accomplishment...good luck in getting them quilted.

Frog Quilter said...

Wow I feel better now. I will be getting back to mine when I have caught up with QOV's and one quilt for hire. Soon I promise.

Gene Black said...

hmm...... I don't feel "all alone on a sea of partial quilts" after seeing your list. I have a Stack that is a lot like yours. I have one Crumb block quilt that needs quilting too.

Katie said...

One at a time. Each in it's own time. Making a list helps us identify what needs to be help us see goals, but dont let it overwhelm you. I used to feel overwhelmed at work when a big pile of samples would come in - like double a usual amount - and finally figured out that refusing to worry, refusing to let the sheer volume start up a panic and just digging into the work got it done and set my mind at ease that I was doing it. And then, in what felt like no time, it was done. So dig in. Anywhere you like. Go finish that set of crumb blocks and make that red top first. There is no wrong place to start. Sitting in the middle if it, worrying or drowning, isn't going to get you anywhere! (Okay, I gotta go clean a toilet so off the soapbox!)


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