Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Layouts -

Can be fun -

Or they can be frustrating -

Depending on my mood -

On any given day -

Today was a mixture of both - ;))

When I finally cleared off the kitchen island - I laid out all of the 4-patches first -
then filled in with the 2-patches - according to the pattern diagram - some vertical - some horizontal -

And I had a few left over for the far left column that doesn't fit on the island -

I like laying them out on the island first before I put them up on the wall because I can slide them around and stand at the end of the counter to get the "overall" view - when they get to the big design wall in the hallway - I can't stand back very far - the other wall is in my way - LOL - ;))

So then I re-arranged some of them -

Trying to keep the polka dots and stripes evenly distributed -

And those "splotches" of purple tone-on-tone away from each other -

But as soon as I moved one - I wound up moving 4 more -

I alternated the colors on the 4-patches -

But I'm not sure which color should go where when I'm laying out the 2-patches - and there are 4 rectangles of each fabric - so when I place a 2-patch - I have to keep BOTH fabrics/colors away from their friends - and that's not as easy as it sounds -

After a while - I decided I needed a "vertical" view - and knew it wouldn't all fit - but I moved the top few rows to the smaller design wall in my "studio" because I can stand back on the other side of the room - and it gives me a whole new perspective. Some of the blue/purple ones read as solid purple - and it needs more tweaking - there's a lot going on in this one - ;))

I may try playing with it in sections -

And I still have to add all of the BIG squares -

So this may take a while - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

I really like the second "Island picture." (right after you said "I wound up moving four more." )

I suggest that you don't overthink it. It already looks great to me.

Katie said...

I'm with Gene - just sew it together! You're gonna drive yourself batty (short trip, I know!) with this layout stuff!!!!

Julie Fukuda said...

Yep. Move one, and then four more ... been there, done that, and got the merit badge!


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