Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Practice -

Is definitely needed before I finish quilting this one -

A Christmas top from long ago -

Already basted and quilted "in-the-ditch" - ;))

Before I tackled it -

I pulled out a practice piece -

Tested my settings -

And broke two needles -

While attempting this pathetic looking column of feathers -

The bottom of the "spine" shows all of the stops and starts - while I tried to figure out why the needle kept breaking. Re-threading both top and bottom seemed to fix that. For the feathers - I sewed up the spine alternating left and right - and then came back down putting loops inside the feathers. Then I tried to "echo" the left side going up and the right side coming back down -

Boy - am I out of practice!! - Sheesh!! -

The tension seems to be OK - and the stitch length is semi-even - but my curves need improvement -

The back looks better than the front -

I'll need to practice some more -

Before I play with something pretty - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

I try to remember to make a practice sandwich and use it to be sure my quilting looks good (front and back) before I start on a "real" quilt. Some days, we just aren't up to it and should do something different.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Fast feet, slow hands if you are sewing on a domestic. Needle breaks mean the fabric is being moved too fast and tugged compared to the stitch formation. The faster the machine, the easier to move fabric. That is why I love my Singer 301- it has a very fast motor- no belt. On a longarm, the fabric has to be loose and machine moved slowly and evenly. We have a tendency to tighten up and move too fast in relation to the stitch formation. Unfortunately, it is practice, practice and relax.

Katie said...

That's about how my feathers always look. So I quilt other stuff. Swirls are my go-to and I've got those down. Except the days when they get a little flattened...because I'm hurrying or worrying! But I've seen your feathers and know your can do better! (I mean that in a nice way!!!) Maybe today isn't your day? Maybe it is just needing practice. Either way, I know you're not short on other projects in case this one proves too daunting to conquer today!


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