Thursday, November 15, 2018

Cutting and kitting -

For these blocks can be done a number of different ways - ;))

You can do it the way the pattern shows -

Jiffy Jelly™ Quilt -
FREE Pattern by Moda - HERE -

Lay out all of the pieces separately -

Or any other way that suits your fancy - ;))

This is How I Do It -

I follow the cutting order listed in the pattern - but cut two strips at a time -
Leaving them folded - with the selvage end on the RIGHT - because I am LEFT-Handed - and trim off the selvage first -

Then I cut the 3 sets of 2-1/2" squares -
Because the strips are still folded - each "square" is actually TWO squares -
EDIT - WRONG Right sides together -

Then I cut the larger pieces per the pattern -
2 rectangles - for the sides - @ 2-1/2" x 6-1/2" -

Which leaves me a tiny bit at the fold - for my "crumb" pile - LOL -

I don't separate all of the pieces into separate piles -

I could pull one set of squares to the side - for the "centers" -

And then match the other two sets of squares to the two sets of rectangles -
Remember that each "one" is actually "two" -
EDIT - WRONG Right sides together -
So these are the pieces needed for two ORANGE and two BLUE blocks -
Minus the "center" -

The "centers" can be separated to mix and match as you please -

Or they can be matched to the blocks that I want to make -

Which is probably how I would "kit" them if I was making one block at a time from scraps or from bits and pieces -

But - because I know how I want to match them - I don't bother with all of that -

I put the "centers" together - then the "middles" - then the "sides" -

Turn them around so they are vertical -

And add them to the cookie sheet -

This way I am all set to lay out the piles for four blocks at a time -

And chain-piece them together -

I made the second set of 4 -

And the third set of 4 -

All three sets together - ;))

These blocks look big and bold and graphic -

And some of them may be a little more "blendy" than others -

But I really like what I have so far - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie said...

I like how they're grouped in fours. I know that's not how the pattern indicates to do things, but I do like it! Keep on sewing!!!

Gene Black said...

I like your kitting advice. Maybe I can/will actually do it this way when/if I make this quilt. As for the grouping - it is your quilt, put it together the way YOU want to.

Barbara said...

I love the juxtaposition of these, and as always I love scrappy. It will be an awesome quilt!

Cindy Quilts said...

I just want you to know I 'pop in' for a peek at your blog almost every day even though I don't usually comment. I always enjoy seeing what you are up to.

helenmaryhubert said...

Thanks for the link to the pattern. My guild is swapping 2.5" strips and this is a great (!) use for them.


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