Friday, November 2, 2018

Odd ball stuff -

The other day - my "puzzle" friend and I finished up this one -

By CEACO - Americana - 500 piece - :))

And yesterday I got one crumb block ready to trim -

Another one trimmed up - with two "almost done" on the right -

And a couple more "almost done" with some "parts" ready to go -

But today I did a little reorganizing -

Now that I have SIX empty scrap drawers - I can use them for projects that are just blocks in baggies. That might let me actually play with them - instead of starting a new project because I can't find the ones that I have ALREADY started - LOL - ;))

And as far as my "list" is concerned -

I made the list so I had an idea of what needed what. I don't usually let myself get overwhelmed with quilty stuff - it will get done when it gets done - IF it gets done at all - LOL - ;))

What I forgot to mention is that most of those tops are small - wall hanging size - and some date back several years. "Orca Bay RED" is from 2011 - and some of the other ones are even older than that. I don't particularly care if I EVER finish them - it's just that I had great intentions last year - printed out a page of labels with 2017 on them - and didn't finish them all. So I made a new page deleting the completed ones and adding some "new" ones and dated those 2018. What I don't finish this year will be on the LIST for 2019 - no stress - no pressure. As a retired CPA - I don't DO deadlines anymore - LOL - ;))

Those of you who "know" me - know that I don't really care if I ever finish anything because I enjoy the PROCESS!! I see so many quilters getting stressed out over their "finishes" - who cares?!?!? When a quilt of mine gets finished, it goes in the pile of "finished" quilts - big deal - it goes from one pile to another pile - LOL - ;))

Now that I send some of my larger tops to Frog Quilter for her "Quilty Hugs" -
I get to do my favorite part - make the top - then I send it to her -

And I'm ready to make another one - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Frog Quilter said...

Thanks for the shout out. Two more tops that are QOV and I will be able to focus on mine / quilty hugs.

Gene Black said...

It is quite freeing to know that you can just do the fun part and not worry about it. I have a couple of stacks that should be finished -someday. I am with you. "It gets done when it gets done - or maybe never."

Katie said...

I'm with you on the no stress finishing. But I do like the freeing feeling I get when I finish a quilt. It's like my brain gives me permission to start 13 new projects!!!!!

Sherry said...

I like getting things done because then I am not frantically trying to get a gift together with a deadline.

That being said, I start way too many projects without finishing even a top in the mix! I would like to change that in 2019.


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