Friday, November 9, 2018

Again -

As my regular readers already know - on my blog - I like to stick to "safe" topics - like quilting - and try to stay away from personal drama - politics - religion - and current events. There are days like today when I don't know what to say - there are no words - the world just seems to be going crazy - and all I can do is watch. Prayers sure don't seem to be working.


Today began with the news of another mass shooting -

This time in Thousand Oaks, CA -

Which is very close to home -

I don't know yet if I know any of the victims -

Or their families -

But that doesn't matter -

What matters is that lives were lost -


And it keeps happening -





There are no words to express my feelings right now -

So I'm not even going to try -

But I can share some of my thoughts today -

As they wandered around and around and around -

I don't know what the answer is -

I really wish I did -

Some say it's a gun control issue -

Some say it's a mental health issue -

Some say it's an anger management issue -

I tend to think it's a combination of all three -

But the key - to me - is the "mental health" part -

A calm, sane person with access to a gun is usually not a problem - ask any hunter - but an angry, crazy person with access to a gun - what could possibly go wrong? And there are all sorts of combinations - some people are angry - but not crazy. Some people are crazy and need professional help. Some people aren't angry or crazy - they just need help "coping" with whatever problems they happen to have - and "coping" skills seem to be in short supply these days. Some people use drugs and alcohol to help them "cope" and then the drugs and alcohol become additional problems -

And why is it that some people can "cope" and others can't? I don't know -

Then we have the violent, criminal types - and those with behavioral problems - maybe some people are broken and can't be fixed - no matter what we do -

So - in addition to "thoughts and prayers" -

How about somebody DO something? -

How about all of those "experts" out there? -

The mental health professionals who went to school to learn how to help people should be able to figure out how to do what they were trained to do - and DO it -

Maybe we need to go back to "mental institutions" for those who need help -

Why can't someone figure out WHAT to do and then DO it? -

If I knew how to fix it -

I would have -

A long time ago -


OK - I'm off my soapbox -

While my mind was wandering today -

I finished this -

Basic Math - Kaffe - top is DONE!! -

The lighting makes the red look orange- but it really is RED -

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie said...

I wonder, too, what would drive a person over that edge. I have my days where I'm angry, but the thought of actually even harming the one person who has angered me has never crossed my mind (other than maybe a good face slap!). I wonder if maybe it's not getting worse, but news media being so universal, it's just being covered better? Probably not. But I am sure there will be a giant anti-gun soapbox of people as well as whatever other issues come to light in the investigation. You are right, though. Put some intelligent, educated folks in a room and ask them to work on a solution. If we throw as much money at this as we do at cancer research, we should be able to find something useful. (Not to say cancer research isnt important, we are just, as a culture, very aware of it and very willing to spend money on it.) With every new shooting, I wonder where this will end. It's scary to go anywhere any more. Or have opinions that others are aware of. All in a land that was founded to escape religious persecution... Okay, I have a vacuum to run and the handle isn't long enough from up here on my soapbox!

Gene Black said...

I am at a loss on why something isn't done also. I just know it hurts my heart when these things happen.

The quilt top is lovely, just as I was sure it would be.


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