Friday, November 16, 2018

The first group -

Of ten is done - ;))

Set #4 - Orange/Blue -

Set #5 - Yellow/Blue -

First five sets on the wall -

Set #6 - White/Black -

First seven sets on the wall -

Set #7 is the Green/Blue/White - the third set in the second row -
I somehow missed taking a close-up of that one - oh, well -

Set #8 - Gold/Blue -

Set #9 - Green/Lavender -

Set #10 - Green/Cream -

The first group of ten on the design wall -

I like the groupings of four - but may move some of them around -

Two groups look really "blendy" to me - and the Yellow/Blue set (#5) should probably be reversed to have the darker blocks in the top left and bottom right corners like the rest of them -

I have another jelly roll of the same colors - for ten more sets of four -

And could pair them up differently -

Or I could pair them up exactly the same way for a duplicate set on the bottom -

I'm leaning toward the latter option -

The layout would be simpler if they were in the same groups of four -

That way I could play with the layout of the top section -

And then make the bottom half a mirror image of the top -

That might look more cohesive and not like a jumbled mess - LOL - ;))

What do you think? -

Should I pair them up differently -

Or pair them up exactly the same way? - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Barbara said...

I am so happy with this scrappy look! What do I think? Actually, I’d just move them around until I liked it, then quit. To think of some areas as “too alike” doesn’t feel that way to me. They start to remind me of watercolor quilts instead where areas are meant to be alike and slowly morph into other different areas. It’s really all up to what you like looking at the most! It is going to be stunning no matter how you arrange everything!

Gene Black said...

If I were doing this, I would probably mix them all up. But it is your quilt, so you get to do it however you want.

Sherry said...

You could try putting the duplicates together diagonally; in my mind I think it could create an "x" type design if you use the bolder colored blocks on the corners.

I like the design and think that I might add it to my "between" project idea file but I will have to cut 2 1/2" strips first from the stash.

Looking forward to seeing what you finally end up doing with it.

Karen M said...

This is going to be a very striking quilt. I love the color combos.

Julie Fukuda said...

This reminds me of arranging my black and white quilt, especially when I got to the grays that were sometimes used as darks and sometimes as lights. I like the way the lights or darks make a second diagonal line.


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