Tuesday, March 2, 2021

A bit of progress -

Was made on my Harmonic Convergence  - 
From the book - Ricky Tims' Convergence Quilts
After I finished  my "chores" - 
I trimmed the center part - 
And sewed a narrow TURQUOISE border to the left and right side - 
But that's as far as I got - 
I may have to take it off or add another narrow border in a different color - 
Because - in this photo - it looks like it blends right in with the center -
And we can't have that - LOL - ;))

On the puzzle front - 

We decided to start with Section "A" - 

Which - oddly enough - was NOT in the TOP LEFT corner - 
But - instead - turned out to be in the LOWER LEFT corner - 
With Section "B" above that - and Section "C" above that - 
We may have more trouble than fun putting this one together - 
This is all we got done in three hours - after dinner -
There is a large colored poster to follow -
But the puzzle pieces are all the same shape - two "innies" and two "outies" - 

And go either vertically or horizontally - according to the letters on the back -

And the colors are mushy - 
The "painting" is Monet-like -
And the brush strokes are random - 
So - we definitely have our work cut out for us - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go- gotta sew - 


Barbara said...

I’m thinking that narrow border may stand out more when the background isn’t also blue like on the left side. Another darker border all around would add needed contrast as well. Whatever you do will work. Make it work! The puzzle has me seeing double. Good luck!

Gene Black said...

Oh my! All the pieces of that puzzle being the same shape is an extra challenge. No wonder they added the letters on the back.

Jennifer said...

Puzzles have changed since I did one. I have never seen one with anything on the back.

Katie said...

I'm starting to think it may be easier to do this one from the back after all! Love how the quilt is coming!

Sue said...

Your quilt is looking fabulous!


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