Monday, June 27, 2011

Design Wall Monday - 6/27/11

Design Wall Monday – 6/27/11    

So this is what is on my design wall today - 

Well, kinda/sorta on the wall - (not REALLY on the wall) -

Yeah – I’m back to these –

I got a bit side-tracked trying to duplicate Bonnie’s block for Scrappy Saturday

But -

Once I made one –
I kinda assembly-lined them –
I folded the ‘semi-finished” one back over to see which “side” was up

Then I took the stack and trimmed ONLY the side that I was going to sew – to ¼”

Then I made sure they were all going the same direction in my little basket
(Gotta luv them little baskets! – 2 for 99¢ at the 99¢ store! - I can't sew without 'em!)
Making sure that the one under the presser foot matches the “semi-finished” one –
(in the middle) -

And chain pieced ‘em -
Using my ¼” foot with the little flange guide on the right side

Pick up two –

“Flip” the bottom one –

Nest the seams – and sew them -

When I get done –

If I did it right –
The stitching on the back-side is right on the line!  YES!

Managed to get 16 of these done
Don't worry - they get trimmed when I sew them to the next part -

And then 16 of these –
Of course that's NOT counting the four that I had to redo because I didn’t notice that I had run out of bobbin thread - so I really made 20 -

See the dark green corners in the middle?
They are going to "chain" with the ones in the black four-patches - cool, huh?

Now I get to make 32 of these -

Are we taking bets on whether or not I come up short?  :))

Talk to you later – gotta go – gotta sew –


Katie M. said...

I love paper piecing! I'm working on some blocks now when I don't feel like working on anything else :-) Guess I could post a picture on my blog....... Oh, and I guess I don't know where these little pieces will be used - I must have missed that post..... so now I'll be looking forward to seeing the finished block!

Connie Kresin Campbell said...

You've been busy! Great blocks and paper piecing.

Denise :) said...

I love blocks that you construct and then trim down to the proper size. I do so much better that way! I'm not betting against you! Happy Monday! :)


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