Tuesday, November 10, 2020

As promised -

I was going to show you what I decided to do with these - ;))

 I chose the Missouri Star Quilt Co. block -
 Happy Trails - HERE - that uses charm packs - LOL - ;))
 And made two of them - 
Neither one of them is my most accurate block - 
They are supposed to come out to 8-1/2" square - 
And they're close - but not that great - 

And - 

After I took the photo - 
I thought that the one on the LEFT was "twirling" the wrong way - 
And that the center 4-patch should look like the one on the RIGHT - 
So I took it apart and re-sewed it  - ;))
Part of the accuracy problem - 
To me - 
Is that I sewed the blocks with the triangle on top -
As shown in the video - 
But that doesn't let me see the seams underneath - 
And this one got twisted - 

And then there is the issue of the first round of triangles being QST - 
Instead of HST - like I think they should be - 
We all know that a QST has the STRAIGHT OF GRAIN on the diagonal - 
And that sounds great - because that gets sewn to the 4-patch - 
BUT - that leaves the short sides of the triangle on the BIAS - 

So when you sew the HST to those sides - 

You are sewing the BIAS edge of the HST to the BIAS edges of the QST -
And sewing BIAS edges to BIAS edges makes for "stretchy" seams -
I think that at least ONE of the edges should be on the STRAIGHT OF GRAIN - 
To control any "stretch" - 
But then again - it's probably just me - LOL - ;))
Anyway -
I sewed this one from the front side, too - 
And missed the point that I could have seen - 
If I had sewn it with the triangle on the bottom - 

So - here are both blocks - 

And now I realize that they are BOTH wrong -
They don't "twirl" like they should - LOL - ;))
It turns out that the LEFT one in the second photo up top was correct -
And the RIGHT one was wrong - 
So I "fixed" the wrong one - LOL - ;))
I guess I'll be doing a little "un-sewing" tomorrow - 
After my "chores" - to "fix" my "fix" - LOL - ;))
I have decided to cut the rest of these according to the video - 
To use up this charm pack - 
And to sew them with the triangles on the bottom so that I can see my "points" -
But the next "Snail's Trail" or "Happy Trail" blocks that I  make - 
Will be cut with ALL of the triangles as HST -
I think that should help my accuracy considerably - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Julie Fukuda said...

I agree with you, two bias edges together can be a problem, even sewed by hand. I have had a few experiences of un-sewing this past week. Maybe it is something in the air.

Katie said...

I'm having a good laugh at fixing the wrong one. Seems very much like something I would do. And that is how quilt projects come to be in boxes in closets. The bias edges are definitely a problem, but I've found some of these "quick" shortcut precut patterns need to use them. I'm not saying I agree or like them, but it does widen the possibilities of those precuts...that I have sworn off because yardage is the ultimate possibility!

Gene Black said...

Yes, two bias edges makes for possible problems. That is where you should probably pin them.

I think you will "waste" fabric making them with HSTs and a charm pack because of size issues.

Why don't you make them all "left handed" swirls?

Barbara said...

Holy moly!

Linda Swanekamp said...

I almost finished my Snail's Trail hanging. Just need another border. I had to layout every block before I sewed it. Did my share of unsewing. I put lattice strips between the blocks and it took away to sharp edge feeling I was getting. Will get it up on the blog.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

The directions for the GO die on the package have the block spinning the opposite way from their pattern for the Snails Trail quilt. It doesn't matter which way they spin, you just have to make all of your blocks alike.


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