Monday, November 23, 2020

Tops -

The other day Barbara asked me how many tops I had finished - 
She made me go look and count the ones on the back of the chair - LOL - 

So - not counting the ones in the other room that are in various stages of completion - 
I have 14 tops on the back of the chair in the family room - 
All of which are waiting patiently for me to make them backs  - ;))
1 - Imperial Bargello - 
2 - Batik Bento Boxes -
     Island Batik - Glowing Embers -

3 - Karma Churn Dash - 

4 - Sevilla Blues - Upstairs/Downstairs - Sevilla Blues - 5 x 6 -

5 - Hear Wave - Upstairs/Downstairs - Autumn Colors - 5 x 6 -

6 - Dresden Plates - 

7 - Woof & Whiskers - TT Confetti - 
8 - Woof & Whiskers - Jiffy Jelly - 

9 - Citrus Chips - 

10 - Mint Chip - 

11 - Upstairs/Downstairs - Meredith - 6 x 8 -

12 - Upstairs/Downstairs - Gleaned - 6 x 8 -

13 - Happy Trails - 

14 - Upstairs/Downstairs - Winter's Grandeur - 6 x 8 -

I suppose I should feel guilty that I have so many tops that need to be quilted - 

But I don't - LOL -

I like making the blocks - and the tops - and it keeps me busy - 

I don't like making backs - so when I have to - I pretend it's another top - LOL - 
And my aching back doesn't particularly like the "layering" part -

One of these days I may get in the mood to practice my Free-Motion Quilting - 

But we'll see - LOL - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

Sometimes, I love the piecing best. But sometimes I truly enjoy the quilting. I hardly ever enjoy doing the layering. It is just a necessary step.

I have to say that I remember most of those tops.

Katie said...

Wow! You're starting to catch up with my Rack of Shame, though yours is obviously a Chair of Shame! But I hear ya about the layering. I rarely do it now, but remember well the pain of it all. I also remember years ago, at a quilt guild sewing Saturday, crawling around atop three tables, pin basting a quilt that was supposed to be a twin. The need for three tables might clue you in to the fact that it did not, in fact, come out to be just a twin. (I was quite a bit lighter then, so was less concerned at the tables collapsing than I might be today! My fellow quilters just rolled their eyes at me. They know I'm crazy...) But back to your for that many! It's always a treat to go back and review and see the accomplishments, isn't it?!

Sue said...

That's a beautiful collection. On not feeling's your hobby not your job, so good on you!

Frog Quilter said...

Wow they are all beautiful!!!

Barbara said...

Wow! Never expected so many when I asked, each one perfection! Thanks for counting them and taking photos. I think “Quilt Top Making” s a very valid thing! Maybe there could be books on Quilt Top Making, Quilt Top Shows, and Quilt Top Guilds. We aren’t on the planet long enough to spend our days doing things we don’t enjoy doing. Good for you!

Linda Swanekamp said...

So thrilling to look at all these tops! I can see the work and patience that went into them. They will be quilted eventually. Keep piecing- you are fabulous!

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

Of course no shame just piecing tops, the most fun part. The rest feels more like work, or is it punishment, ha ha.


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