Saturday, November 14, 2020

More moving along -

After I finished a bunch of chores - 
And I had all of the Happy Trials blocks done -
Missouri Star Quilt Co.  - Happy Trails - HERE
Then I decided against adding any sashing -
Because I just wanted them DONE - LOL - ;))
So I moved them around on the design wall a little - 
Layout #1 - 

Layout #2 - 

Layout #3 - 

Gene and I both liked Layout #2 the best -
So I went back and re-arranged them again - back to that one - 

And "webbed" it - my way - HERE -
Now it's a TOP!! - 
Ta Dah!! - ;))

It measures about 32" x 40" - without sashing or borders - 

It doesn't look too bad -
And the best part is - 
It's DONE  - 
And I can move on to another project - LOL - ;))



As a side note - when I went to add the link to my "Webbing with a Twist" post -
I noticed that my "LHQ - Construction" page is no longer listed at the top of my blog - so I tried to fix it.
I checked the "Page Gadget" and ticked the box that somehow got "UN-ticked" - 
and tried to SAVE the changes - to no avail.
Blogger would NOT save my changes/corrections - repeatedly.
I finally went online to the Blogger Help site - and I'm apparently not the only one with this problem - HERE.  According to a "Gold Product Expert" -   
the problem with several widgets (e.g. page list, blog list, attribution) is known and has been reported to Blogger team. Now we have to wait for the fix.
Gee - that's helpful - LOL - ;))
BOB doesn't know why they didn't just leave it alone -
It worked fine before they "upgraded" it - 
To the "new and improved" version -
That doesn't work nearly as well as the old/legacy one did -
"Old" doesn't always mean "bad" -
Any more than "new" always means "good" - LOL - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Katie said...

Hooray for a finish! Boo for waiting. But at least it's not an active wait, right? You can ignore it and go sew! I'm excited to see what you choose next.

Gene Black said...

The quilt top looks great. Congrats!

I agree about "fixing" what isn't broken. Just for laughs I tried to change my tabs. I tried adding one but couldn't "save" it. Then I just tried rearranging the ones that are there- still a no go.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Congratulations to getting it done! Those are tricky blocks. I wish I could find another blog platform- I am still struggling with the last changes.

Cindy Quilts said...

Looks great! The colors are soothing to me. I agree with the don't fix what isn't broken.

Sue said...

Fabulous quilt top. I think sashing is a con job by fabric companies to sell more fabric. Sashing would be a distraction on this ine.


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