Thursday, July 2, 2020

Webbing with a twist -

You've all seen the "webbing" technique before -

And there are umpteen gillion videos on YouTube if you haven't -

So here's my little "twist" on the whole thing - ;))

I simply "reverse it" -

I start at the BOTTOM -

And take the blocks off the wall in ROWS - not COLUMNS - ;))

Can you see the little stickers on the first block in these two bottom rows? -

The bottom row is Row #5 -

And the row above it is Row #4 -

The stickers are on SIDEWAYS -

Because when I take the rows down -

Starting with the bottom Row #5 - and stack the blocks - in order -

They will be on my ironing board like this -

The labels are at the TOP now -

Row #5 on the left - and Row #4 on the right -

Sew the blocks together - chain piecing -

Flip the top one of Row #4 over on top of the top one of Row #5 -

Sew the blocks in the one stack to the ones in the other stack -

Keeping the thread "webbing" intact -

The first two blocks of Row #5/4 sewn together - ready for Row #3 -

With the rest still under the needle on the sewing machine -

Row #3 - ready to go -

And stacked to the right of the two rows of blocks already sewn -

Flip the top one of Row #3 over on top of the top one of Row #4 -

And sew the blocks in Row #3 to the Row #5/4 blocks already sewn -

Add Row #2 - to the mix -

Then add Row #1 -

When I take it out from under the needle -

I'm holding the TOP row of blocks -

Now I have FOUR columns with FIVE blocks in each column -

All "webbed" together -

And all I have left is to sew THREE vertical seams -

I don't know about you -

But I don't like sewing the LONG seams -

So if I can sew THREE vertical ones -

Instead of FOUR horizontal ones -

That works for me - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Gene Black said...

I don't care if it is three seams or four seams. I don't mind the long seams. I just want the weight distributed as evenly as possible.

I am pretty sure tomorrow we will see a completed top - yaay!

Sherry said...

It is looking really good. Thank you for sharing.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Hmm, some good ideas for thought. I will try the next one that way and see how it goes. I have a bunch coming up. Thanks for sharing.

Julie Fukuda said...

I usually sew them together that way but pin the numbers on, rather than try stickers. In all the moving, those would probably be lost in a hurry.

Sue said...

I've not webbed blocks before. I like how you reversed the order. Watched how to do it on YouTube. Reckon I'll give it a go your way. The other blog I saw it on had a "tutorial" and it was so convoluted it seemed like too much work.


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