Monday, November 30, 2020

First off -

I have to say that I finished sewing - 
All of the "units" for my Pink/Orange Squirrel -

And I WON a little game of "Bobbin Thread Chicken" -
That little bit was all I had left on the bobbin - 
When I finished the last HST -  YAY - ;))
This Squirrel isn't going to be anything fancy -
Just a Missouri Star Quilt Co. version of a Churn Dash - HERE
The white combined with the bright colors should calm them down -
Plus it also helps the charm packs make more blocks - LOL - ;))

Jenny uses a layer cake -
But it works with charm packs, too -
If you can get 4 squares of the same or similar print - 

So the next step was to trim all of the HST down to 4-1/2" - 

Trimming is not my favorite pasttime - 

I much prefer to use my LEFT-EZE™ Rule to cut HST - then trim ONE dog-ear - 

And I don't like drawing lines and sewing to the left and right of the lines - 
But to each his/her own - 

Anyway - 

I trimmed up a couple - 
And liked getting the chance to get rid of some of those "pinked" edges - 

But I wondered if there was an easier way than to cut each one twice - 

Up the left side and across the top - 
Rotate the HST and do it again up the other side and across the top -
I wondered if I could trim BOTH sides at the same time - 

Maybe if I folded it back up the way it was sewn? - 

But what do I use for the "line" to line up with the HST? -

What if I could use my LEFT-EZE™ Rule to do it?

That would be cool - 

So I tried it - 
I used a HST that I had trimmed already - 

Lined up my LEFT-EZE™ Rule with the HST - 
And used another ruler and a Sharpie to mark my "guideline"- 

A "smidge" to the outside of the HST to allow for the width of the line -

The mark can be removed very easily with an alcohol wipe - 
But I should have put it on the TOP of the ruler -
So I wouldn't accidentally remove any of the "real" lines - LOL - 

Tried it on another one -
Putting the NEW LINE - ON the edge of the HST - so I don't come up short -

Trimmed UP and ACROSS - ONCE -
And it worked - 

Except for the two dog-ears that still need to be trimmed - 

But those just need to be snipped - so no biggie - 

And - YES - I realize that I could have marked the same line on the Square ruler - 

But that wouldn't have been nearly as much fun -
Because I like trying to find new uses for my nifty little ruler - LOL -

So - after a while - I had them all trimmed - 

And I put the "units" for a couple of them up on the design wall - 
One "positive" with the WHITE as background - 
And one "negative" with the WHITE as the Churn Dash - 
I haven't decided yet if I want to make one version or the other or both - 

And then I added a "center" to each one - 

The "centers" are really colorful - 
So I'm leaning toward making the "positive" version - 
I think I need that WHITE background in each block to tone them down a bit - 

What do you think? - 

Let me know in the comments - 

Thanks!! - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Cindy Quilts said...

I like the white background. I love the bright colors!

Gene Black said...

I do like the white background. But if you aren't snowballing the corners, doing half of each will avoid having so many white squares in the top.

Barbara said...

I agree. Orange always needs toning down. Not a fan of orange. 🤣


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