Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Slight detour -

Back to sewing together another set of blocks - 

For my Upstairs/Downstairs - Winter's Grandeur - Champagne
Robert Kaufman Winter's Grandeur - ©Studio RK -
They still need to be pressed - 
But they are sewn - 

Since I didn't feel much like cutting today - 

I was more in a SEWING mood - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Barbara said...

Ahhhh....back to one of my favorites! I am looking forward to this one being finished, love the soft colors.

Gene Black said...

Every bit of progress moves you forward. Hang in there. (advice I should take for myself. Ha ha)

Linda Swanekamp said...

I know what you mean- I cut all the white pieces for my Christmas tree quilt yesterday.


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