Monday, May 29, 2023

Round one -

Well - I made it through my first "round" - 
Of redoing the quilting on my Imperial Bargello
And took it off the frame -

While it's off and I'm "unsewing" the rest of the wonky bobbin rows -
I can experiment with other thread combos - 
I had a brand new cone of Grace - Finesse - thread in the top -
50 wt - 3 ply - polyester -
And it kept breaking just like my "old" Maxilock - 
50 wt - 3 ply - polyester -
It "should" work -
It's the recommended brand/type and "brand new" -
So maybe it's the bobbin thread - 
Right now it's a bobbin filled with "brand new" black Maxilock -

Maybe it needs to be a lighter weight - 
I have a couple of Decobob bobbins - 80 wt - that came with the sample pack - 
I can play with the cream/beige one - and if it "plays nicely" -
I can use the black one to finish off the rest of the redo - 
It's the only black lightweight that I have -
So I hope it works - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

Good luck with it. I am sure this is frustrating.

Kara Kwilts said...

Exuberant Color has a quilting machine and she just finished (posted) yesterday her latest finish and she said "top thread is Superior So Fine 50 weight and bobbin thread is Superior Bottom Line."
I will warn you, Superior thread is really good, but it is super expensive. They are based in St. George, Utah. I almost worked for them when I lived down there, but their application/interview process was strange, it is their company and they can do things how they want. :) Kara


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