Sunday, August 19, 2012

QJ - Hawaiian Hibiscus - Red on White


Started - 1978

Hand Applique
Hand Quilting


Pattern - Hibiscus #106
Designed By Ea Of Hawaii
Elizabeth A. Akana (C) 1972

While we were in Hawaii - I found this beautiful Hawaiian Applique pattern.

Some friends (GL and another lady whose name I don't remember) -
helped me cut and baste the top.

G arranged for us to use some tables at her church.

The three of us met one day and proceeded to cut out the top - snowflake style.

I remember when we unfolded it, that it was upside down -
the seam allowances showed on the top.

I don't know how she did it, but G managed to flip the entire top piece by piece -
I was amazed!!

We spent all day basting the top -
using chopsticks to bunch up the fabric so we could get the needle through both layers.

When I accidentally cut one of the stems -
they told me that it was OK -
the Hawaiians believe that only God is perfect -
if I had not made the mistake - or another one -
I would have had to make one intentionally.

Unfortunately, the fabric choices back then were very limited -
and my selections were poor.

The red fabric is a cotton/polyester blend and frays horribly.

The white background is a king-size muslin sheet -
with a dense stitch count -
and will be impossible to hand quilt.

I will never finish this quilt.

I was hoping to make at least one "real" Hawaiian quilt in my lifetime.

I figured that if we were lucky enough to live in Hawaii -

I would either have to learn to quilt Hawaiian-style -

Or learn to hula -

And I sure as hell can't hula!!! - ;))

QJ - 1978

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