Tuesday, August 7, 2012

LHQ - Tips - Index Cards

3” x 5” index cards are your friend -

They are CHEAP –

The PERFECT size –

And VERY useful -

They make handy labels for my projects –

I put my projects in separate plastic bins/tubs/containers –
And use a big black magic marker to write the name of the project on a card –
Then I slip the card in the front of the bin -

They make handy “cheat sheets” for quick reference –

A list of the steps for the Jelly Roll Race Quilt for example –
The number of strips I need –
The finished size –
And a REMINDER to cut 18” off of the first strip - before I start -

The settings recommended for Machine Applique -
And the Stitch settings for the Black/White/Red quilts (5)

Needle – Universal 12
Foot – Edge stitch
Thread – Black cotton (color/type/size/brand)
Stitch – 21
L(ength) – 3.0
W(idth) – 4.5
P(ressure) – 4
T(ension) – 4

They really are handy little buggers - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Linda said...

I do the same thing. Except you take it a step farther than I do with notes added. Great idea.

Katie M. said...

I love that you do all this organization stuff - want to come do mine for me??? :-) I'll even get you index cards......

Katie said...

That must be the CDO talking. My bins are see-through (like yours), so I look at them. And hope everything I need is in there. And then grab whatever thread is handy and won't look hideous with my project. And leave my (very basic, only) machine set wherever it was when I last sewed. Check the tension to make sure that's okay, of course. But I do use index cards. To staple bits of fabric to when I go shopping for more fabric. (And no, that's not usually because I've lost half of what should have been in the bin in the first place. Once in the bin, it stays there until I'm done with the project.) And for circle templates for applique. And for mailing labels when sending my UFOs off to another poor sucker. :) But your idea is a good one...hmmm...


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