Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Plan - ???

Thank goodness for Blogger’s “Schedule” feature -

‘Cuz I get cranky when I can’t post - ;))

And -

The other day -

When the power went OUT -

This was the view from my porch -

And this -

And across the street was this -

They had to replace the transformer -

And - to do that -

They had to turn the power OFF - ;((

Heaven forbid they tell us -


That they were going to do that -

So that we could PLAN for the outage -

Oh - I forgot -

PLAN is another four-letter word -

Just like MATH - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Linda_J said...

LOL, that almost sounds like a BOB post---or maybe BOB expanded on that! What would it have hurt to give the neighborhood a heads up?? Let you decide if you had things that needed done prior, leave if you can't stand the a/c or fan not working, etc.

I hate it more when it zaps out quite unexpectedly without any wind, rain, storms in sight. My sewing machine hates that and so does the computer. GRRRR and then Alabama Power says that they are on 99 and some tenths percent of the time.

Our neighbor was getting their house re-wired today so the electric company has been there all day and the Power Co. dude was in the drive too when I came home. That old house apparently was a fire waiting to happen.

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

BOB doesn't dare do the rant - she is still upset. It DID zap out unexpectedly - my computer doesn't like that at all!! When we called them - on our cell phone because the house land line didn't work - they said that the power was out because of "equipment failure". Well yeah - if you're replacing the transformer - it's not going to work until you get the new one installed! They also said that it was faster to just do it than to take the time to notify the residents in the neighborhood. Apparently it's too much trouble to give us a heads up. It took them about six hours to replace the transformer - Hazmat team and everything. If we had known - we would have gone to Walmart - and then out to dinner - ;))


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