Monday, August 13, 2012

International Left-Handers Day - 8/13/12

Hello – my name is Kitty – and I’m A LEFT-HANDED QUILTER!

Now you guys say – Hello, Kitty!  ;))


SO - 

WELCOME to the Second Official Meeting of -


Second Meeting - pretty much the same as the First - here - ;))

Just to see how far we Lefties have come in the last year - or not - ;))

If you are Right-Handed -
Please sign in below as "Visitor" - and let me know what you think of the "Show".

If you are Left-Handed - to sign in - please leave a comment below.
Please include –
Your first name (and last initial if you want) – we are anonymous after all -
The name of your blog (if any) – and a link to your blog - so we can visit -
The name of your dog – not really - just checking to see if you are paying attention - ;))
The name of your country – just how ”International” are we?

I would REALLY like a head-count of the Left-Handed Quilters out there in blogland.
I believe that there are more of us than ANYONE realizes!

And - just so you know - I was going to have a "secret" door prize - but decided against it.
I think participation should be based on the love of quilting - not the possibility of a bribe prize.
Maybe next time - but not now.

And - I didn't get a linky thingy set up - too much trouble and not enough time to figure it out.
Maybe next time - if there IS a next time...


Button, Button – Who’s got the button?

If you have the “A Left-Handed Quilter” button on your blog –
or the "Right Handed Friend of A Left-Handed Quilter" button on your blog - 
please let me know in your comment - I want/need to update my "Lefties" list.

If you don’t have the button – you really should.  (Especially if you're on my "Lefties" list already - reciprocity and all of that. ;))

If you don’t have a blog – just tell me that you would have the button on your blog if you had a blog. That’s good enough for me.  I can still add you under - "No Bloggie - No Button".


#1 - Second Annual International LEFT-HANDED Quilters Anonymous Online Quilt Show

Say that three times fast!

I know that we are truly International – because I know we have –
  • Me – United States
  • Julie – Japan
  • Mad about Craft – UK
  • Sue – Australia
  • susanm – South Africa
  • And who knows how many others!!

So - let this be our Second Annual Quilt Show –

If you would like to participate –

please leave a link to your blog post with a photo and the story of your Favorite Quilt.

We want our Second Annual Quilt Show to show something special, don’t we??

So show us what you’ve got!

My Favorite Quilt is "Santa's Sisters" -

I posted it's story - here -



And again - I would like to make the following proposals -

I propose that we form our own local "Left-Handed Quilters" (LHQ) groups.
If the “Modern” guys can do it – why can’t we?

I propose that we seek out other Lefties in the Local Quilt Guild - if you belong to one - and form our own groups.

I propose that we ask our Local Quilt Shop owner to post a sign-up sheet for Lefties –
or do it ourselves – on a bulletin board – at church - at the grocery store - or wherever they post notices - so that we can find out which other quilters in the community are Left-Handed.

I propose that we ask our Local Quilt Guilds and Quilt Shops for “Lefties Only” Classes - taught by Lefties.

I propose that – if we are Lefties – we offer to teach classes – for “Lefties Only”.

I propose that we help each other learn new techniques – cutting tricks – and share info – either in person or on the internet through tutorials on our blogs.

I propose that we add a page to our blogs – "Left-Handed Quilting" (LHQ) – with links to tutorials on “How To Do It – Left-Handed”.

I propose that we add the button – "A Left-Handed Quilter" – to our blogs – at the top where other Lefties can easily see it. Tell the world that we are Left-Handed!

I propose that WE MAKE SOME NOISE!!!

I propose that we all get together to do this again – real soon!

All in favor say “AYE!”


Katie M. said...

Can I say "aye" if I'm only a 'visitor' :-)
Love the Christmas quilt by the way.

Aileen said...

I am a Lefty, your a Lefty, wouldn't you like to be a lefty too! (Think Dr Pepper song)
Hi my name is Aileen and I have been wearing your button on my blog since last year. I am in Florida USA. My Blog is I have been quilting for over 15 years and sewing for 52 years. I appreciate the quilting teachers that write books with both right and left handed directions.
I still have my original left handed scissors that mom bought me in the 1960's. Thank you Weiss Company for going the extra mile. At that time there was also a Lefthanded store in NYC. The only one of its kind. I was almost in tears when I saw all that stuff made just for me. I wasn't alone in my struggle with a right handed world. Lefthandedness is not a handicap, it is a creative challenge! We can do it both ways if we have to. Righties watch out, we are using both sides of our brain!!! WOOT WOOT.

Linda said...

Hello Kitty!! I'm a "Visitor" and I just wanted to let you know that I think your "meeting" sounds very interesting. ;o)

Sherry said...

Hello Kitty!

Sherry V. here. I'm a LEFTIE!

I blog at

My dogs names are: Casey & Bailey (well, you asked?!)

Country: USA

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Of course you can say "aye" - and thanks for "visiting" - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Aileen - I just added your name to the Lefties List. ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Linda! ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Hello, Sherry! I added your name to the Lefties List - now you need to grab the button - if you would please - ;))

Mad about Craft said...

I'm still here and I promise to do more to promote left handness quilting over the next year!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thank you! - ;))

Quilting_Chris said...

Hi Kitty,

Let's hear it for us lefties. I don't blog, but I enjoy reading yours. Raising my left hand, aye.

Chris P
Southern California
PS: Have you seen the Leftie-Rightie rulers from EZ Tools? Opinions? (I just saw it in a JoAnns Fashion Fusion magazine.)

Katie Z. said...

Katie z. from the U.S., and I blog at I am 20 weeks pregnant and can't seem to string words together today, but when I'm feeling better, I'll come back and read about other lefties (and my 2 year old is a leftie too!).

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Hi Chris - I just added you to the Lefties List under "NO-BLOG LEFTIES - No Bloggie - No Button" -

As far as the Leftie-Rightie rulers are concerned - they are WAY too cluttered for me - it's like they want to be everything for everybody. I would have to cover half of the numbers - just like the Omnigrid - so no thanks! - ;))

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Hi Katie - Congratulations on the new baby! - You've been on the list for a while now - YAY! - ;))


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