Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Scrap Fest - Part 1

I thought I would try out my new iron -
I told you about him - here -

On the scraps that KatieM sent me - here -

And show you how I play with my scraps -

First I pre-wash them -
In the washer -

Or in the salad spinner - here - ;))

Then I just sort them according to light/dark -
Then according to size -

Katie included quite a few fat quarters -
And good-sized chunks -
So I’ll pull them out first -

Press them -
And fold them -
Like I showed you before - here -

I’ll pull out the reds and neutrals -
For my LHQSQ -
And add the rest to my FQ storage -
In my Stash Room - ;))

This one had a little “ear” on the end -

So I cut it off - kinda straight -

And pressed the larger piece -
And folded it up to go with my FQ -

And this one is a little heavier in weight -
And I LOVE the tie-dye effect -
There’s a little more than a half-yard here -
So - I think that it’s just begging -
To be part of a tote bag - ;))

Take another handful -
And press the green -
I used some of this in my LHQSQ -
So these pieces will be added to that mix -
As is -

Press and sort -

Looooooooooooooong piece of border scrap -
I could “un-sew” the seams -
But I’m lazy -
So I’m just going to cut them off -
When I get there - ;))

All pressed - and sorted -

And some orts, too!! - ;))

Now the FUN part -
The cutting - ;))

How do I decide what to cut -
And how big to cut it -
Or whether to cut it at all?

Well - it depends - ;))

The big stuff -
The fat quarters -
And good-sized chunks -
Get folded and added to my FQ stash -
I’ll keep both the odd-sized tie-dye and chunk together -

The tie-dyed goes in the drawer -
With some other heavier weight fabrics -

The “clocks” and “desserts” -
Go in the cubbie -
With other novelty fabrics -

I’ll trim the selvage on some strips -

And add them to the neutrals and reds -
That I’m going to keep “as is” -

And then put them with the rest -
Of the LHQSQ stuff -
(See, Katie - I do pile stuff - ;))

That leaves me with this -

And - seeing as how I have no specific plans -
For any of these -
I can do whatever I want -

I just have to decide what that is -

And that will be Part 2 - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


Katie M. said...

One pile does not a mess make! I still think you're entirely too organized ;-) But I am glad you're able to use my scraps/ discards/ whatever you want to call them...

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Ah - but you haven't seen my dining room table lately - talk about a mess!! I should post a photo of that one of these days - ;)) And THANKS again for the scraps!! ;))


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