Thursday, August 30, 2012

B/W/R - Black Cosmo

This is #4 in the B/W/R series -

#4 - B/W/R - BLACK COSMO -

Some blocks -

Some more blocks -

Blocks on the wall in the hallway -

Coming together -

And - on the wall in the hallway -


Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. ^5's you.......Marvellous finish!

    1. Thanks! It's not quilted yet - but the TOP is DONE - YAY!! I really need to go on a quilting spree one of these days - ;)) Have you used your HQ16 yet? - Do you like it? I'm thinking of getting the other kind - with the rails so I don't need to baste - but then I'd probably need help to "load" the quilt - and $$$ is an issue - so it is more in the "dreaming and scheming" stage right now - ;))

  2. I love black, white and red quilts. They can be made from traditional patterns or the 'modern' way and they are always eye catching - IMHO

    1. IMHO too!! B/W/R is always so striking - thought my "Orca Bay" would look better than it did - but these "Big and Bold" ones just seem to be PERFECT for teenagers - sure hope they like them when I get them all done - ;))

  3. I think the teens will love the B/W/R combo! Plus those are very graphic quilts---no cuties animals, flowers and such. Each one looks different too!

    I love the idea of the design wall in the hallway. Don't think it would work in my house but I love it in yours!

    1. Thanks! Each of the five has a different "focus" fabric - check out the 'B/W/R Pillowcases" that I made to match - and the layouts are a bit different because I try to spread out the blocks with the "focus" fabric and the ones which are predominately "white". The "white" ones look like giant holes in the pattern - ;)).

      The design wall in my sewing room is on an angled wall and a bit narrow for most of my quilts. The one in the hallway doesn't allow me a "straight-on" view - but it does allow for LOTS of blocks - ;))


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