Saturday, August 25, 2012

QJ - Bird Quilts (2)


Machine Pieced -
Hand Pieced -
Machine Quilted -
Hand Quilted -
Machine Applique -

Twin Quilts (2)

Made two twin quilts as a gift for my mother -

To match the wallpaper in the cabin they had at the time -

Scraps in the wallpaper colors for the birds -

And rust solid and a Hawaiian print for the alternating blocks -

County Fair - October 1979 -

Won 2nd place -

And they hung it upside down!!! - ;))

QJ - 1979

1 comment:

TDJ said...

Sweet birdies.
I would spend the Summer crafting with my grandmother, many times she would enter my finished projects in the county fair (without my knowledge). I would not find out till I walked through the Expo Barn and see it sitting there. It was always a treat to see the ribbons on my work, when I was displaying with all age groups and I was just a young girl. Very encouraging.


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