Friday, August 31, 2012

BOB and the cure

BOB thinks that -

The last disease ever “cured” -

Was polio -

And that -

If a vaccine hadn’t been discovered -

In the 1950’s -

It probably would not be discovered today.

It would not stand a chance -

Against the drug companies -

Who have no incentive -

Whatsoever -

To find a “cure” -

For anything -

When they can -

Make so much $$$ -

Selling you a drug -

That you have to take -

Every day -

For the rest of your life -

To “manage” your disease -

Whatever it is - ;))

Anybody remember -

Jerry Lewis -

And his -

Labor Day Telethons -

For Muscular Dystrophy?

Jerry’s Kids?

Well, Labor Day is coming up -

And they are doing it again.

For over 40 years -

That man raised BILLIONS of $$$ -

For Muscular Dystrophy -

Still no “cure” -

So tell me -

Exactly how much $$$ -

Do they need??

But then again - it’s probably just me.

References/Sources -

Vaccine discovered In 1952 by Jonas Salk -

Since 1966 -
$2.45 Billion dollars through 2009


Katie M. said...

If you think about how much $$ is spent on promotions / advertising, buildings and their expenses, personnel to operate said establishments / organization, I wonder how much is actually used for research....... I have a story to tell, but I won't do that here....

Linda said...

Well put!

barbara woods said...

you are so right. our chiropractic has a sign up ' doctors kept you comfortablely sick"

Linda C said...

That is a puzzler. Maybe it is polio was a viral infectious disease whereas muscular dystrophy and all the similar neuromuscular disease entities are often inherited. There is a problem with muscle proteins that leads to eventual death of the muscle cells and tissue.

Still with all the research dollars that they are given, via the telethon etc, you would think they would be further along with stem cell, or gene therapy or something!

Heck, they can't even cure a common cold. But then you have the faction that thinks everybody should be on statins for life just to prevent heart disease. Might destroy your liver but you'll have clean arteries. SHEESH


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