Friday, August 3, 2012

Scrap-Fest - Part 2

To me -

The fun part of playing with my scraps -

Is the actual cutting -

Soooooooooo many choices sometimes -

Decisions - decisions - decisions - ;))

I was asked how I decide - here -

So first let me say -
I have a bunch of 2-1/2” strips aka "jelly rolls" -
And any strips wider than that -
Can be cut from my FQ or yardage -
As I need them -

So I mostly cut my scraps into -
2” and 1-1/2” strips -
Leaving strings - anything narrower than 1-1/2” -
And crumbs - odd-sized leftovers -

I hardly ever cut squares -
I can either cut them from the strips -
Or use one of my dies -

I also have several dies -
All needing different size chunks -
So lately I have been leaving -
Some scraps just “as is” - ;))


Here’s what I did with Katie’s scraps -

This piece is a loooong piece of excess border -

I could “un-sew” the seams -

But it’s faster to just cut them off - ;))

Then I get this -

It’s a nice angel print -

So I’ll fold it all up together -
And add it to my novelty prints/FQ -
And just throw away the seams -

This piece is a pretty good-sized one -

I figure this is probably the biggest piece -
That I could get from it -

Trim off the selvage -
And add that chunk to the novelty prints -

When I unfold the rest of it -
I can cut it a bunch of different ways -

So - if I straighten the edge here -

And turn it around -

I get a chunk -
Which can then be cut into -
2 - 2” strips -
And a 1-1/2” strip -

And a string -

Two strings and some crumbs -

All sorted out -

Now they need friends - ;))

Here’s a strip -
Skinny - fat - then skinny again -

Chop it where it starts to get fat -

Fold it over - straighten the edges -

It’s about 1-1/4” -
So it gets added to the strings pile -
You can hardly see it -
Same colors as the African Animal Print -
Cool - ;))

Chop off the other end -
Where it starts to get skinny again -

Two more strings and a crumb -

Before -

Same thing with the red -
Trim the selvage -
And straighten one edge -
Then chop it where it starts to get skinny -

The fat section is good for -
A 2” strip - a 1-1/2” strip - and a string -

Same with the other part -

I probably could have done the whole thing -
That way -
Or saved most of it as a big chunk -
But - too late now - ;))

The lighthouse fabric -
Is pretty much the same width -
So I just trimmed the selvage -
And cut a 2” strip and a 1-1/2” strip -

Here’s another interesting piece -
That could be cut in a lot of different ways -

That little notch -
Is keeping me from just cutting the end off -
And squaring up the chunk -

And I have a couple more chunks -
Of the same fabric -

So I straightened it -
Just to the left of the notch -
Got a chunk -
A 2” square -
And a string -

I can do this all day -

So I did - ;))

Didn’t take me long though -

To get this -

Top row from left to right -
Angel seams - trash
Angel chunks - for novelty cubby - with FQ
African Animal Print - for novelty cubby - with FQ
Selvages -
Strings -
Crumbs - and 2” square -
1-1/2” strips -
2” strips -

Bottom row from left to right -
Chunks - leave “as is” - add to FQ cubbies by color/type
Bits and pieces - for my thread bowls - here -  ;))

There is no right way -

Or wrong way -

To trim up scraps -

Just do it -

It’s fun -

Fun - fun - fun -

Until my daddy takes the T-bird away - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. I'm so glad you're enjoying those things and I'm so glad I don't have to mess with them :-) Just the thought of cutting fabric without using it right then and there.... well, nope, can't see it ever happening.... Guess it's time for me to pull out more scraps and send to you :-)

  2. Enjoyed your scrappy post. :)


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