Saturday, August 18, 2012

LHQSQ - Block #48

Another 6” sampler block -

That you can make using -

2-1/2” squares -

HST that FINISH at 2” -

Strips - cut 1-1/2” x 2-1/2” -

4-Patches that FINISH at 2" -

QST that FINISH at 2” -

And 3-Triangle Squares that FINISH at 2” -

Three across and three down -

Variations of the basic NINE-PATCH -

The sewn block will MEASURE 6-1/2” -

And FINISH at 6” -


Block #48 - Country Farm

4 light squares
1 light/dark 4-patch

4 light/medium (green) QST units
Sew the QST units -
With the light on top -
So that the light flips to the right side -
And makes a HST triangle -

Cut 2 squares - 2” x 2” - EACH -
Of 2 mediums -
And YES - I said - 2" - not 2-1/2" -
These are special - you'll see - ;))

One medium (green) should be the same -
As that used in the QST units above -
Cut the 2" squares on the diagonal -

Lay them out like this -
And sew them together -
With the medium (green) on top -

Match and sew them to -
A medium#2 QST triangle -
So that the medium (green) -
Is in the middle -
I’’m calling this a QST threesie -

Because the 2” squares that I cut -
Are over-sized -
It will be trimmed later - ;))

Sew the HST triangle -
To the QST threesie -

Make 4 of them -

Trim them to 2-1/2” square -
The trimmings should be minimal - ;))

Lay it out with the light on the OUTSIDE -
Of the patch -

And assemble it as a 9-patch -

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew -


  1. see I learned something new today - I don't think I've ever seen a QST threesie - really... not that I remember... and I like it!

    1. Katie - I didn't know what else to call it - haha. I got the block from EQ7 - and would probably have printed out the Foundation Paper Piecing pattern if it was just for me. But I tried to make a version for those in blogland who don't have EQ7 - just in case anyone (anyone?) is out there trying to follow along - and I named that bit of it a "QST threesie" - ;))


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