Sunday, August 26, 2012

QJ - Holly Hobbie


Machine Pieced -
Machine Applique -
Machine Quilted -
Baby Quilt - Approx 45" X 45"

Pattern - Popular Handicraft - 5/78
Sunbonnet Girl Pillow - Pg. 19-20 -
By Gloria Roy

I wanted to make a quick quilt to enter in the County Fair -

Saturday - I bought the fabric and cut it out
Sunday - Made most of the top
Monday - Finished the top (after work)
Tuesday - Assembled it with the batting (after work)
Wednesday - Entered it in the fair (on my lunch hour)
Thursday - Won 1st place!!

County Fair - October 1979 -

Won 1st place!! - ;)

It's REALLY hard to see in the photo -
Because it doesn't photograph well AT ALL!! - ;((

But it's white with little pink rosebuds -
Pink with little pink rosebuds -
Pink ribbon and white lace trim on the bonnet -
Dark pink satin stitching -
With a pink/white gingham border -
The backing is also pink gingham -

NOTE - Back then this little girl was known as "Holly Hobbie" -
I think somewhere along the line she became "Sunbonnet Sue" -
But I still call mine "Holly Hobbie" - ;))

QJ - 1979


Linda said...

Well Congratulations! (It's never too late right)? That's cute.

Linda C said...

If I squint, I can see her. Or put on my readers, who am I kidding, LOL. Normally I don't need them for the computer but there she is!.

Very feminine quilt!

A Left-Handed Quilter said...

Thanks, Linda!

I am such an idiot - I posted the photos that I scanned from my scrapbook - forgetting that I still have the quilt! I'm going to see if I can take a couple more photos - better ones - and post those - so stay tuned for the "Update" - ;))


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