Tuesday, August 21, 2012

QJ - JRRQ #3

JRRQ #3 - aka -

Machine Pieced
Machine Quilted By Mgr
50” x 64”
Started - March 2, 2012
Top Completed – March 2, 2012
Back Completed - March 3, 2012
To Mgr for Quilting - June 21, 2012

Pattern – Jelly Roll Race Quilt

Quilt Pattern – Deb’s Feathers

Made for V -

Front -

Back -

Close-up of the quilting -

This was my third Jelly Roll Race Quilt -.

If you have never heard of a JELLY ROLL RACE QUILT - watch the video - it's terrific!!

Strips sewn end to end -
I like to join them with straight seams -
It’s just easier for me -

The story starts with Scrappy Saturday - 7/30/11

For the rest of the story -
Please type “Jelly Roll Race Quilt” -
In the Search Box -

I made three Jelly Roll Race Quilts -

For three little girls -

Three little sisters -

The first one - for the oldest sister -
Has a burgundy label -
And white/pink cupcakes on the back

The second one - for the second sister -
Has a gold label -
And yellow/blue cupcakes on the back

The third one - for the youngest sister -
Has a purple/violet label -
And green/coral cupcakes on the back

QJ - 2012


  1. they are talking about doing this at our next sew-in but I believe I will pass and work on something else that I have kitted up. The other ideas are to work on UFOs and comfort quilts. Lord knows, I have enough of them!

    BUT I love how yours turned out.

    1. Thanks, Linda! They are really FUN to do and the jelly roll does all of the work - color-wise. All you have to do is some mindless sewing and it pretty much makes itself. I like how I got three different quilts out of the same three sets of FQ and jelly rolls - similar but not the same - with NO planning - it just worked out that way - ;))


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