Sunday, August 5, 2012

QJ - Lion Quilt - #1


Machine Pieced -
Machine Applique -
Machine Quilted -
Hand Tied -
Baby Quilt - Approx 45" X 45"

Made as a Christmas Gift for Nephew #2 -

Pattern - "Lion" -
Down On The Farm Originals -
by Jean Wilkinson

County Fair -

October 1978 -

Won 2nd Place -

I especially love the low-tech method -

That they used to hang the quilts -

Clothesline strung from the rafters -

And plain old clothespins - ;))

QJ - 1978

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  1. How cute is that..... I did a couple 'animal' applique type quilts many years ago for baby gifts and never did take pictures..... Ah, the things we learn as we get 'experienced'


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