Friday, August 6, 2021

Puzzle update -

We finished the puzzle - 
Festival Day (found the name on the bottom of the box)
Nancy Wernersbach - MB Puzzles - 
2000 pieces - 
This is one puzzle that we would do again - 

Even though it has 2000 pieces - 

And they are relatively small - 

And they fall apart easily - 

They are "identifiable" and not that difficult to sort - 

There are a lot of beige/brown "road" pieces - 

And lots of lime green and green "grass" and "veggies" - 

And lots of flowers - 

But there is a big red bridge -
A big blue umbrella - 
A horse and fences - 
Houses and a water area - 
All in all - 

It was a FUN puzzle to put together - ;))

Tomorrow I have a couple more chores to do - 

But then I'm done for the week - 


Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 



Barbara said...

A break and now primed for sewing, great!

Gene Black said...

I hate to tell you that the week is almost done too.
But isn't it good to see the "end" of the chore list.


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