Monday, August 9, 2021

Next up -

Is "Basic Math"- 
I got the top sewn together in September 2018 - HERE
I pulled fabrics for the backing in January 2019 - HERE -  

And intended to quilt it in June 2019 - HERE
And practice with some quilting rulers - 

But that obviously didn't happen -
So here we are - August 2021 - 
I think it's about time - LOL - 
I already did the ditch quilting way back when - 

And stitched all around the perimeter - 
So there won't be any "flappy edges" - 
With the fused batting coming undone -
It's a 9 x 10 layout - 6" blocks - 
So about 54" x 60" -
With a variety of 4-patch blocks - 
"Two-bar" blocks - 
And plain squares - 

There are a BUNCH of practice areas - 

And it may take me a while - 

So I might go on a binding spree -
I have four to bind so far - 
Or I might play with another squirrel - 

Off and on - 

When I get bored with the Free-Motion quilting part - 

I found these photos from a few years back -
The 8 "holes" in each block will be filled with matching squares -
The "center" of the block has a "light background frame" -
That I think is kind of interesting - 
The only difference between the four variations - 
Are the corners - which way the HST are turned -
A - 
17105 -  
Corner darks are on the INSIDE -

B - 
17106 - 
Corner darks are on the OUTSIDE -

17113 - 
Corner darks are pointing IN -

 D - 
17114 - 
Corner darks are pointing OUT -

The corners will make a secondary pattern - 
When the blocks are sewn side by side - 

So I'm leaning toward A or C -
Where the "lights" will make an on-point square when they meet -
But A and D show a better "light background frame" in the center - 
Because the innermost HST has the "light" on the inside - 
So maybe I like A the best -
It's the best of both worlds - LOL -  

What do you think? - 

Which one do you like the best? - 

And why? - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Barbara said...

The second quilt — you cannot go wrong!!

Barbara said...

The first quilt is a misnomer, no math is basic. Love the scrappy look.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Hmm, I like A and D. Like the lighter centers showing up. But, you know, it matters how the blocks will look next to each other. Sounds like lots of projects to keep it going.

Gene Black said...

I think I like C best.....but I really think you need to keep quilting rather than piecing.

Carolyn said...

I think it depends on how you are going to put the blocks together. If you’re using a light sashing and dark cornerstones, I would put the darker triangles facing out. I am sort of a “big picture” type thinker, so I would plan my piecing on how I wanted the quilt to look once it is all put together, but those are just my thoughts.


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