Thursday, August 19, 2021

Red -

Was next in line for the quilting - 
On my "Basic Math" quilt - 
I tried to stitch some "ribbon candy" in this first Red rectangle - 
And realized the "density" was too big - 
So I tried to fill it in a bit - 
Then I thought I could stitch two "rows" in each Red rectangle - 
But I had to do the second row from right to left - 
And that didn't look all that wonderful - 

So I decided to do loops in the rest of them -
The density is about the same as the straight lines back and forth - 
So they look much better to me - 
Pay attention to the density of the FIRST design you stitch - 
That one will dictate the density of the rest of them - LOL - 

I'll check tomorrow - 
But I think that's it for the rectangles - 
And that leaves me with the 4-patch blocks - 
And the large 6" squares - 

The 4-patches will give me a chance to practice some smaller scale designs - 
Maybe some pebbles and spirals - 

And I'll save the large squares for last - 

I can use them to practice big flowers and feathers -
And anything else that needs SPACE - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

I have found that some designs I can only do successfully from one direction or the other. So, I sometimes do a little echo quilting to get back to the other side.
Some designs, work side to side and others only seem to work front to back. I end up adjusting the quilt to make it work sometimes.

Barbara said...

It’s lovely! I’ll never do this kind of quilting, heck I can barely manage the king quilt top to finish it off. It’s so heavy and unwieldy for me. Yours is surely done in sections. Too late for me now, but I’ll figure out something. A combination of in the ditch and tying is looking good to me right now.


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