Saturday, April 16, 2022

Lazy day -

With no sewing - 
But I did set out the baggies - 
With the parts - 
For my Basic Math - Red/Blue/Brown -
The binding is already made - 
And the label has been printed - 
So I just need to finish those parts - 
And make the Scrap Card and Heart - 
Then I think I'll quilt my Harmonic Convergence next - 
It's one of the smaller ones in the pile - 
And should go pretty quickly - 
At least BOB thinks so - LOL - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 
P.S.  It sure was nice to be able to goof off on April 15 - 
after all of those years of having to get through "tax season" - 
and I know tax returns aren't due until April 18 this year -
but still - LOL - ;))


Sue said...

It's there whenever you're inspired to pick it up now. Haha @ BEB....I hope she whispered it, just in case Murphy is listening

Gene Black said...

Maybe no sewing, but a bit of progress toward completion anyway. Having them sitting there ready will hopefully inspire you to do it all soon.

Katie said...

I wish my lazy days were ones without non-quilty days are those spent at work where I return home so exhausted I can hardly think because everything hurts! (And we are BUSY today, thank you spring...) Oh well, only a few days a week at this and then I can have a lazy day where I get to sew. In the meantime, I can ogle quilty blogs on lunch hour!


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