Wednesday, April 13, 2022

Quilting -

Some say - 
Is like eating an elephant - 
One bite at a time - LOL - ;))
I'm quilting the outer row of 6-1/2" squares - 
On my Basic Math - Red/Blue/Brown
One color at a time - 
First - some BEIGE - 

Then - some TAN -

Next up is BROWN - 

Then there's BLUE and RED - 
I'm not going for perfection - 
I'm going for texture - 
So that seems to be working out just fine -
It should look a lot better when it's washed - 
And all soft and squishy - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Linda Swanekamp said...

Oh, it is just beautiful! And you are right- when it is washed it will be a texture delight and snugly. Great job! Quilted and done is always better than precise perfection unrealized.

Gene Black said...

It is looking good. There will be some delightful texture when you wash it.
Way to go!

Sue said...

I've never eaten an elephant, but I'm sure quilting is much more enjoyable, with less calories. Your quilting is lovely. It's going to be a delightfully snuggly quilt when it's done.

Jeanna said...

This is looking mighty fine! I love the feathers most...I'm kind of partial to them though.

Katie said...

Looking great! And when I visited a quilt show weekend before last, I was inspecting the quilting closely and found that most that were clearly not done with a computer didn't looks any better than mine. Perhaps worse in some cases. I wasn't looking to be critical, as that assessment might lead one to believe. I truly was trying to evaluate my own work and was pleased to see that I, at least by my own estimation, fall right in line with others. I mean, the gal I bought my longarm from blew me out of the water and I might as well be a kid with blunt crayons next to her, but in general, I feel better. You should, too. Your works looks good. And you're doing it. That's way better than letting the tops sit...ahem, Katie...


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