Tuesday, April 26, 2022

The last two corners -


Of my Harmonic Convergence -
Have the extra grid lines now - 
With no broken needles - 
And a well-behaved sewing machine - 

The grid lines on this one are "semi-regular" - 
They are not "equal" distances apart -
I just chopped the area in roughly equal parts - 
Some in half - others in thirds - 
Whatever looked good to me at the moment - 
The lines in the corner squares were weird - 
Since one corner square was 6" x 7" - 
And the rest were closer to 7" x 7" - 
So I chalked a diagonal line from one corner of the square to the other -
For my pivot point - 
And just winged it - 
The last set of lines -
Were roughly half-way between the original ones - 
And I let it go at that - 
Just don't measure them  - 
If you ever see it "in real life" - LOL - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

I have seen people teach to make those lines with painters tape or chalk them. Ha! I think your way works fine. I do something like that. I think the bit of randomess it adds makes it more interesting.

Sue said...

I'm with Gene. Those lines do make it look interesting.


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