Friday, January 27, 2023

A little more red -

At the bottom side borders - 
And the bottom border - 
And I thought I was done with the RED - 
Until I realized that I didn't outline the RED parts - 
In the bird at the bottom - 
Between the RED arcs and the BLUE teardrops - 
But - how do I outline those RED bits -
Without breaking thread on every single one of them? - 
Hmmm -

Remember the other day when I had a "DUH" moment - 
When I realized that any area can be outlined in either of TWO colors - 
The "inside" one or the "outside" one? - 
Well - here's a perfect example - 
Instead of outlining the RED arcs in RED - 
I outlined the BLUE bits on the "inside" of the arc - 
Same difference - 
And I solved the "breaking thread" problem - 
By "traveling" in the BLUE background to the next one -

Now I'm down to the last TWO colors - 
The GOLD/YELLOW and the GRAY - 
I'm going to do the GRAY next - 
The elephants and zebra heads - 
Then I'll have to roll it - 
To get to the rest of the elephant on this side - 
And the hippo on this side - 
I also decided to change to the cone thread - 
For both the top and bobbin - 
On the GOLD/YELLOW and GRAY - 

That might help with the tension problems - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

This is going pretty fast for as many times as you have had to roll the quilt back and "start at the top again." Not to mention the thread color changes each time.

Jeanna said...

Ahh yes! I see what you mean about outlining with the blue instead of the red. Keeps the flow going.


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