Monday, January 23, 2023

More black -

Was stitched on the Noah's Ark baby quilt panel -  
But it's hard to see- 
So I lightened up the photos quite a bit - 
In an attempt to make the texture more visible - 

As you can see - 
Outlining is not one of my strong points - 

There are a couple more bits of BLACK on the hippos - 
So I plan to finish them up tomorrow -

Then I'll decide on the next color - 
And - just to clarify something - 
You don't have to baste on a longarm - 
The only reason I basted this one - 
Is that I wanted to be able to roll the quilt back and forth - 
To sew one color at a time - 
Normally I use one color and stitch from one side to the other - 
Then roll/advance the quilt to the next section - 
I basted it so it would not come apart -
And get wonky when I changed colors - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

Outlining is NOT my strong point either. I know a few quilters who only quilt "in the ditch." To me that is much harder to do than free motion.

Katie said...

I can outline okay if it's a straight line. Vertical or horizontal. Go curvy on me or diagonal and all bets are off! Some folks seem better, but if you start looking closely... Practice will help you get better, but it's an option I usually avoid, particularly if it's going somewhere that will be easy to see. But quilted is better than not and finished is better than perfect, so just keep going. (And thanks for the clarification about the basting. I wondered what you were doing, but suspected that was what you were aiming for.)

Jeanna said...

Knowing you, you will have outlining down in no time. Quilting is not my strong point LOL


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