Wednesday, January 11, 2023

Playtime -

As it turned out - 
We did not lose power yesterday - 
So I got a chance to play with the WHITE/BEIGE flower - 
On the KaBloom panel - 
After I scheduled my "just-in-case" post -
I started in the center with a "blendy" color -  EGGSHELL -

And continued on out to the next round of petals - 
Making it up as I went along - 

Then I outlined the rest of the petals -
To give me "spaces" to quilt - 
After a while I thought I would try some variegated thread - 
And installed the Horizontal Spool Holder - 
In place of the "regular" one - 

Then I proceeded to completely destroy all of my pretty work - 
With the variegated thread - 
I did NOT like the effect of the variegated thread at all - 
The dark was more than I expected - 
And showed up in weird places - 

So - 
In an attempt to salvage it - 
I added MORE variegated thread to the center section - 

Today I want to play with the next flower - 
The "Medium-sized" one - 
It's about 16" square - 
So I chose the same "blendy" EGGSHELL color - 
A YELLOW - Sunlight - 
And a BLUE - Blue Mist - 
And a BLUE variegated - that I probably won't use - LOL - 

Looking at the photo now - 
I might also add a darker YELLOW - 
And darker BLUE to the mix - ;)) 

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

That is the problem with variegated threads for quilting. They tend to be dark in the wrong places on the quilt. However making it up as you go sure seems to work for you. It looks great

Katie said...

More good learning experiences happening! I've only used a variegated thread once and it wasn't that varied, so it went fairly well, but this is good info you shared if I decide to try it again. I'm glad you didn't lose power and got to play.


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