Saturday, January 7, 2023

Three bits -

I cut apart the Opal KaBloom panel - 
And will start with these three bits - 
The two small squares  - 
And the small white/beige flower - 
My machine came with a 3-piece Hopping Foot Set - 
An "OpenToe Foot" - a "Ruler Foot" - and a "Micro Stippling Foot" - 

The Ruler Foot is still on the machine - 
It has a "Thicker toe for use with rulers and templates" -
And the "Heightened bend in foot clears most quilting rulers" -   

But I'll swap it out for the "Micro Stippling Foot" tomorrow -
You can see the difference in the feet in the photo below -
Left - the "Regular" foot - 
Middle - the Open Toe Foot - 
"Allows for full visibility of the needle" - 
Right - the Micro Stippling Foot - 
"Allows for very fine, detailed stitching" - 

I didn't realize that the "Micro Stippling Foot" was so tiny - 
I'm looking forward to playing with it - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Katie said...

When I first got my machine, I heard a lot of buzz about the open toe foot. Perhaps it was relatively new at the time, or maybe it was just me. But I never invested in one and am still doing just fine with my "ruler" foot. The micro foot has me interested, though. Never heard of that one, so you'll have to keep us informed about howw it works for you.

Gene Black said...

I have several feet for the machine I quilt on, but only one quilting foot - and for me that is just fine. It is a round closed toe foot - but not a ruler foot, and I can usually see just fine.

Sue said...

That looks like fun!


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