Sunday, January 8, 2023

Binding and more -

Just to get them off my "to do" list - 
I made a few labels for some of my recent "finishes" - 
And then made the binding for the two Woof & Whiskers quilts - 
All 400 miles of it - LOL -
Then I installed the Micro Stippling Foot on the longarm - 
And thought I would show you the difference - 
Between trying to follow the outline of a petal on the WHITE/BEIGE flower - 
With the Ruler Foot - 

And with the Micro Stippling Foot - 

Of course the Open Toe Foot would be another option - 
But you can see how much easier it would be with the Micro Stippling Foot - 
So - to test it out - 
I wanted to see if I could "follow the line" - 
Between the WHITE border and the BLUE- 
Without a ruler - on the small BLUE square - 
I used GRAY thread so I could see the stitches - 
And I shortened my stitch to 14 per inch - 
My stitches could be straighter - 
But - all in all - I think it worked out nicely- 

I think I'll leave the GRAY thread in to stitch the two little squares - 
To see how it goes - and to see the stitches -
Then I'll try some other threads - colors/types - 
When I get to the WHITE/BEIGE flower -
That one should be fun - 
I can use all sorts of neutrals to blend and/or contrast -
Maybe even try some variegated neutrals -
And the "chores" can wait until Monday - ;))

Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

That foot looks very practical for following outlines. I suspect that would become my "all the time" foot except for when I wanted to do ruler work.

Jeanna said...

Chores? Keep playing!


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