Wednesday, January 18, 2023

Found it -

Yesterday I mentioned that I was missing one scrap piece - 
Well - I found it - 
It was in a baggie with some its "little" friends -
I played with them for a while- 
Pressing them all nice and neat - 
Then I moved on to the baby quilt panel - 
I quilt a "regular" quilt using one color of thread from edge to edge - 
But this panel is practice before I try to quilt another "flower" panel - 
I had so much fun stitching the yellow/blue one - 

 That I wanted to do the pink one next - 

But the pink one is much larger -
And it will take a few "advances" to get it all quilted - 
The petals shade from yellow to pink to lavender to blue -
So I don't really want to do one color from edge to edge - 
I want to quilt it in several different colors - 
As I go from the center to the outer edges - 
And this panel has several different areas/colors to use for practice - 
I always ditch quilted around the blocks - 
When I did my FMQ on my domestic machine -
So I was able to jump around - 
If I wanted to quilt different sections with the same color of thread - 
The "areas" were "contained" nicely - 
And I didn't have to worry about the quilt getting wonky - 
This longarm is still new to me - 
So I'm still learning what I can and cannot do - 
And the more I thought about it - 
The more it made sense to do a large or basting stitch -
In the section that is "hooped" right now -
Before I advance the quilt to the next section - 
If I baste each section as it's "hooped" -
It would be similar to "ditch quilting" sections - 
And I should be able to roll it back and forth - 
Without getting it all "scrunched up" in areas -
It sounded good in theory -
So I tried it - 
And it worked -
I switched to the "Open Toe Foot" and some "Eggshell" colored thread - 
And stitched down the center of the rainbow stripes - 
Thinking that I would probably outline those - 
And I wanted the basting stitches away from any areas that I want to quilt - 
And then I stitched some loose stuff -
In the center of some of the animals and leaves - 

And - for Jennifer - 
Who was looking for the GREEN - 
Here is the mountain under the Ark - 

And the lower right corner - 

Once I got to the bottom of the quilt - 
I unzipped the backing from the leader cloth - 
And let the quilt hang loose - 
It's all basted together now - 
So it is in no danger of coming apart - 
And I'll just clamp the quilt to the front rail - 
As I roll it back and forth on the back rail - 
And while I still had the "Eggshell" thread in the machine - 
I rolled it back to the top section - 
And stitched the center bird and some clouds - 

That's why I like "practice" pieces -
I can experiment on this baby quilt panel -
To see what happens - 
Without worrying about messing up some "good stuff" - 
It's an old panel that will probably end up being a dog/cat blanket -
And I know that Echo and/or Buja won't care -
Besides - 
I have to remind myself that "it's only fabric" - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew - 


Gene Black said...

Having a piece to practice on that you don't care so much about is a good thing! I can see your confidence increasing and your lines getting smoother. It really shows in the bird and cloud, but even the basting looks good.

Jeanna said...

Sounds like you are getting your process down pat. That yellow flower is gorgeous!!!


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