Saturday, January 21, 2023

Blue -

Was the next color that I wanted to stitch -

On the Noah's Ark baby quilt panel - 
I had already done some BLUE areas at the top of the panel - 
But switched to a cream color to do the basting stitches - 
So I re-threaded the machine with the BLUE - 
And stitched an "organic" line back and forth in the "sky" areas - 

 And a "zig-zag" type stitch in the blue "stripe" in the rainbow - 

And some "echoing" in the bird at the bottom -

Yesterday - in the comments - 
I was asked about the basting stitches -
I used cream colored thread and 6 stitches per inch -
You can see some in the RED area on the right in the photo below -  
I removed them in the BLUE areas as I came to them - 
They are a pain to remove - 
And leave big holes in the fabric that luckily get hidden by the quilting -
I had a "DUH" moment - 
When I realized that any area can be outlined in either of TWO colors - 
The "inside" one or the "outside" one - 
So I think that when I get to the PINK flower panel - 
I will try to find a light color to outline the petals in each "hooping" - 
Instead of basting the panel like I did on this one -
The petals all have a lighter outside edge - 

So that would save me some time - 
In having to remove basting stitches -
If I could find the "right" color - ;))
Talk to you later - gotta go - gotta sew 


Gene Black said...

I have never sewn basting that I would have to remove. I find even the safety pins annoying. Somehow, I didn't think you had to baste on a longarm frame.

Linda Swanekamp said...

Light bulbs moments are wonderful. I have also used a water dissolving thread to baste when I had a fussy project. It was called "Perish" which I thought was a funny name for the thread.


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